Overcoming darkness times

I have recently went through a very though moment in my life and I could not find any strength to pull myself out of it and heal. I have tried to do researches on step by step on how to heal from darkness and everything was so generic and I could not relate.

Until I met the most friendly, gorgeous and kind lady at an event in October, Megan. After following her on Instagram I was inspired by her story, her courage and I wanted to know more and learn from her. I have to admit that I was never going to believe her if she told me her story the first day we met.

Today’s post is all about Megan Hunter, the greatest fighter I have met. She agreed to share her story and answer some questions.

Overcoming darkness, Being a fighter

1. Let’s start by telling us more about you? Who is Megan?

I am a wife, a fur-mom, a friend, & a #BossBabe. I am from KZN & we only moved to JHB about 4 years ago. I am the youngest in the faimly, & my dad passed away 6 weeks before I was born so the rest of us are extremely close. I am a Rare Disease Ambassador, blogger & also run the RareBear Project (a community upliftment program in KyaSands); as well as working for 2 charities! My husband & I have been married for 7 amazing years & I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else by my side!

2. Educate us more about the rare disease you suffered from and how it has affected your daily life.

I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis when I was 15. Before that I was perfectly healthy & lived a really full life. When I was diagnosed it was flipping scary, but also a relief to have a name for what was happening as I had been misdiagnosed with psychosomatic problems as well as anorexia beforehand. MG causes the message between your nerves & muscles to become blocked, so your muscles just don’t want to work. SO I will know I need to talk, but it comes out all slurred; or I will try to swallow my food & end up choking; or I will try to walk up stairs & my legs will just collapse. I usually take a nap every afternoon to help me make it through the day, & also have had to learn my limits so I don’t end up in hospital. Last year I was admitted for a week out of every month as my disease has progressed to the refractory form, which means I no longer respond to treatment. We tried a stem cell transplant earlier this year in the hope that this would cure me, but unfortunately I have already relapsed. We are just waiting for my miracle now!

My IG is instagram.com/meggi_flowercrowns

blog is www.flowercrownsandtreatment.com

FB page is facebook.com/flowercrownsandtreatment

3. Have you ever felt like giving up at some point? What did you do?

There have been many times that I have wanted to give up! This disease is not one I would wish on anyone else, but I am grateful for the person it has taught me to become & the patience/understanding that I have learnt. When I have felt like giving up, I remind myself of all the blessings in my life, as well as all the opportunities that are still to come. I also turn to my Bible & prayer & this pulls me through.

4. How did you rise up from that and become the strong and happy woman you are now?

This is so sweet! I really don’t think that I am anyone special. I think I have realised that life is short & it costs you nothing to be kind. My life motto is to always be kind, & I really try hard to remember this in every situation.

5. What advice would you like to share about overcoming darkness time?

My advice is to talk to someone – whether it is a counselor, psychiatrist, your minister, anyone that makes you feel safe. And anti-depressants are ok – don’t be ashamed. Remember that things WILL get better (even if you don’t see the light right now). Try to find good in every day, & smile – it sends endorphines to your brain & makes thing seem much easier to cope with.

6. What does it mean to you to be yourself?

Being yourself means never talking down to yourself, or in any way that you wouldn’t speak to your best friend. It means embracing your uniqueness & not trying so hard to conform to what society enforces on you!

We all have different journeys and different though times. Our stories are all different but yet we learn so much from each and everyone. Thank you Megan for being who you are and for being yourself.

What is your advice about overcoming darkness times?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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