How to have a better relationship?

Whenever there is the word relationship in the title, it is automatically associate to romantic relationships. Relationship is also friendship, partnership, family relationships and so on. How I see myself, how I treat myself influence also ho I treat people and how I want to be treated. Today’s blog is all about how your relationship with yourself can affect your relationship with others. Here are the tips I use to constantly improve my relationship with myself and others.

Tips for a better relationship

Relationship with yourself

I have learnt over the years that the most important relation and the one you should take good care of is your relationship with yourself. No matter what you think or what you believe in, your relationship with yourself set the tone of how you see yourself, what you think you deserve and how you treat people. To improve your relationship with yourself: take care of your needs, meditate, be kind to yourself, be comfortable being alone with yourself and your thoughts and ultimately avoid the selfishness trap.

We promise others to never let them down, to love them until the very end or to take care of them but do we ever think about making such promises to ourselves? to take care of ourselves to the best of our abilities? Sometimes we say no to ourselves just say yes to others although we know we are hurting ourselves. Your relationship with yourself set the tone of the relationships you have with others.

Relationship with others

I have read that if you love yourself, you love others and if you hate yourself, you hate others. being in a space where you love and respect yourself and where you are comfortable with who you are help you understand other people better and have a better relationship with them. However when you lie to yourself, when you hate who you are and cannot look at yourself in a mirror, all of that will be reflected by the way you treat people. Remember that the way people treat you has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them. “The relationship you have with others is only a mirror of who you are” what do you think of this quote?

If you are kind to yourself, you are most likely to be kind to others and if you lie to yourself you are most likely to lie to others for no reasons.

How is your relationship with yourself

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

11 thoughts on “How to have a better relationship?

  1. Few things are more upsetting than realizing you’ve failed to honor yourself. I agree about saying no more often. Look at saying no as a good thing. It means you know what you want and you’re serious about growing into your best self.
    Great Post.

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