Bucket list update

As normal human being we always have big plans for our own lives and things we want to accomplish by a certain age or time. Last year I made a Bucket list of things I wanted to accomplish during 2019. This year is almost over and and today I took time to reflect on everything that had happened during this year and check if I kept the promises I made to myself.

Bucket list 2019 update

1. My first goal of 2019 was to have 20,000 views on my blog by the end of the year and so far I have got 18,640 and the year is not yet done. I am super grateful to each and everyone who has ever read, comment and share my posts. I am impressed of the progress

2. The second goal was to attend at least three lifestyle events or blogger’s meet up in my city. I have to admit that I still cannot believe how many events and blogger’s meetup I got invited to and attended. I met amazing people and bloggers with whom we have created a sort of friendship. If I could go back to last year when I was writing my bucket list, I could have said to myself “DIVINE STOP LIMITING YOURSELF”

3. I also wanted to host my own events at least three of them and I have done exactly that, I have hosted four and the last one will be on the 7th of December 2019. I am still overwhelmed by the amount of people who genuinely came through to all our events and created long lasting memories with us.

4. Public speaking have long been something that freaked me out. This year has been better, I went over my fears and I feel confident talking in front of people especially on subject I know and understand well. There are still rooms for improvement and I keep on learning new things and tips on how to master public speaking when English is your second language. If you have any tips please leave them in the comment section below

5. One of my biggest achievement this year. You can read everything about how I finally got my driver’s licence on Getting my driver’s licence

6. Okay let me start by saying I neglected this last one firstly because I avoid thinking about it until it is summer and it is very hot and there is a pool. Learning to swim is a long process and I struggled to find time to really commit to that.

Life is unpredictable, in between everything else I planned for the year, a lot of surprises came along and I had to adapt, pick myself up, readjust and refocus every time. This year taught me that life is a journey you must enjoy. Even though I did not ticked off everything on my bucket list, I still had a amazing year full of memories, new friendships, amazing experiences and most importantly I stayed true to myself throughout this year.

What did this year 2019 taught you?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

8 thoughts on “Bucket list update

  1. I was expecting a travel bucket list but this was an interesting spin. I’m happy you got to do everything on your list! I have to look into blogging meetups in my area.

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    1. It’s important to reflect as it helps us improve and do better. Staying true to yourself is the best thing to do. I have learned that it’s okay not to smash everything at once on your bucket list, just do your best.

      Thanks for reading Lia🌸

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, you really have accomplished a lot of your goals for 2019, good for you. That’s nice that you’ve been able to meet other bloggers IRL; and to even host the events; that is a lot of work.
    Learning to swim is quite a challenge; maybe it’s something that you can tackle in the summer of 2020.
    As for me, I’m not sure if I’ll set goals for 2020. Lately I’ve been setting quarterly goals and that’s been working better for me.
    Thanks for the great post!

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    1. That’s a great idea to set quarterly goals, it is so fulfilling to get everything you said you were gonna do done. As long as it is working for you, keep that idea.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for your inputs. Thanks for reading Julie😊


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