24 amazing lessons I’ve learnt in 24 years

I can’t believe that I have been around this Earth for 24 years now. I am extremely grateful for everything that has happened in my life all those years and I am super excited for everything that are yet to come. Each and every year added to my life is a celebration and a victory, because as a Christian I believe that only God knows how many more years I still have to live. That is why I am grateful each day and even more grateful on my birthday.

24 life lessons I have learnt in 24 years

1. It is okay to say NO if you want to

2. Not everyone will like you no matter what you do or say but remember it has nothing to do with you, their behavior is only the reflection of who they are

3. Nobody is you and that is why you have to understand that your uniqueness is your greatest strength

4. Saving with no goal is a waste of time and money, you might end up lending huge amount of money to friends and family (probably never get it back) because your savings have no specific purpose

5. People change and you can’t do anything about it. Even yourself, you will have to change and it is a good thing. Nobody can avoid change

6. You will grow apart with some of your childhood friends and make new friends along the way.

7. Don’t be afraid to do things alone and alone time, you will learn more about yourself

8. Everything you have always wanted are o the other side of fear

9. Time heals almost anything, be patient with yourself

10. Relationships are not white and pink and beautiful all the time. If it’s worth fighting for, then fight if not walk away

11. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one and set the tone of all other relationships

12. Work for what you want, DISCIPLINE IS KEY. Almost anything is possible if you try hard enough and are dedicated

13. Travel as much as you can, explore, your money will always come back but not your time

14. Be grateful, humble and be kind to yourself and to others

15. You will make mistakes, a lot of them and it is part of life. Learn the lessons and move on

16. No one is perfect, not even you but thrive to be the best version of yourself everyday

17. Let go off all the expectations you have from others and from yourself. Not everything will go according to plan and it is completely OKAY

18. It is okay to cancel commitments to take care of yourself or just have a long nap

19. Almost everything will start working again if you unplug them even yourself

20. Tell people you love how much you care about them before it is too late

21. Do what help you feel good more often. Eat your favorite dish, wear your favorite outfit, everyday is a special day

22. Strengthen you faith, it will help you go through though times

23. Forgive others and yourself, it will free you

24. Nobody can ever replace my mum and dad love. I love them soooooo dearly

I am embracing my 24 years and I cannot wait to see and experience everything this year has for me. Happy birthday to myself

What life lessons can you add to the list?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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