10 Best posts of the year

2019 is a year to remember, it has taught me a lot about myself. Being Yourself Blog would have not been the same without the unconditional support from each and everyone of you. Her is a compilation of the best posts you read and shared the most.

10 Best posts of the year on Being Yourself Blog

1. How to rebuild your confidence after it has been shaken

I wrote this post one night when I felt like everything was falling apart for me. I did not expect so many people to relate and send me so much love and good energy. This post was shared more than 500 times and I am still overwhelmed when I look at this post and it was the most read post of all. Thank you for sharing and commenting.

2. How and what to do when YOU are the toxic person

Yet another post which has drawn a lot of attention from you. Sometimes we spend so much time blaming others when a relationship does not work forgetting that in some cases maybe we are the toxic person in the relationship and we need to change our behaviors.

3. 21 qualities you must develop

Those 21 qualities are essential part of our lives, there is no such thing as being born like that, everything you know was learnt and can be unlearn if need be. Those 21 qualities everyone must develop them.

4. My purpose in life

5. 10 ways to feel good on bad days

Another post I wrote when I was at my lowest, trying to find ways to feel good and be back on track with everything I had going on in my life.

6.Getting my driver’s licence

One of the reason 2019 was a good year for me, I finally got over my fear of driving and pass my driver’s licence and it was one of the most beautiful and liberating feeling ever. After writing about it, I have realized that I was not the only one with the fear of driving and a lot of people out there were reluctant to go beyond their fear of driving.

7.Becoming a new person

8. There is no better time to be a woman in business than now

Indeed there is no better time to be a woman in business than now. I got inspired to write this post after realizing the amount of organizations, events, workshops and training programs in South Africa specifically designed for women to help them turn their ideas into businesses. This year, I attended more than five of those events.

9. Stonehaven on Vaal: review

A review on a restaurant situated on the bank of the Vaal River. As part of our 2020 getaway plan, we are going back to visit this beautiful restaurant and have a boat cruise on the 15 of February 2020. Can’t wait to be back there. Details of the one day getaway are on Voiturage South Africa

10. 21 best advice from strangers

Last but not least on the top ten best blog posts of the year, 21 best advice from strangers. I asked random people on social media, at shopping center, in a taxi etc to give me their best advice and I came up with this beautiful list of advice from strangers. You can still add yours in the comment section as well.

What blog post did you enjoy the most?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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