The South African inspirational speaker: Maiyo Febi

A couple of months ago, I landed on a LinkedIn profile of an incredible and inspiring woman, Maiyo Febi. I have started reading her work and got inspired by her and her incredible talent. I took a leap of faith, reached out to her and asked her to feature her on my blog. She is a true representation of what being the best version of yourself means, you will understand why shortly.

Maiyo Febi: The multi talented inspirational woman

1. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Who is Maiyo Febi?

I’m a driven woman with big dreams and ambitions to leave the world a better place. I live this out through my two businesses. Native Worx is a boutique consultancy that creates simple, relevant and engaging solutions to enable leaders of organisations to position change and transformation as a healthy part of growth and development. My personal brand also helps organisations navigate change but with more of a focus on the individuals’ growth and personal development.

I’m a lover of books and read continuously; I have an insatiable desire to understand how things that interest me work; I also love transporting myself to other worlds through fiction. I believe that we were all made in the image and likeness of God and many of life’s challenges are simplified when we look at ourselves through God’s eyes. I’m an encourager at heart and always want to see people succeed at what they set their hearts to. So when people face a challenge, I’m drawn towards helping them find a solution that works for them. I believe everyone knows what they need to do and I help them arrive at that knowing.

I’m a mother of three incredible children, my daughter Theresa is 23 years old and a budding professional make-up artist. My son Odin is 19 and has a voice that can sing heaven down, he’s in his second year of an accounting degree. My last born Abena is 6 years old and she is a vibrant human being with never ending interesting conversations that “wow” me. My husband Samuel is a gospel music producer and is a go-big or go-home type of person.

2. What inspired you to be an inspirational speaker?

When I asked myself “what would I like to do for the rest of my life?” “What was I born to do?” I prayed about it a lot. I looked at my gifts, my interests, what I naturally gravitate towards every single day, what I spend money on, what I think about most of the time when I’m day dreaming. I arrived at being an inspirational speaker. I feel alive and in tune with myself when I comfort others or offer guidance and support. I have also seen how encouragement has lifted me out of really dark times in my life and I wanted to offer the same support to others. Whatever we have a lot of inside ourselves is what we give others. I have been comforted much so naturally I am driven to encourage others.

3. How do you mange being a coach, facilitator, consultant and an inspirational speaker while at the same time finding time to take care of yourself?

I don’t see my work and taking care of myself as two separate things. When I am doing my work I feel intensely alive; filled with purpose; and that in itself is taking care of myself because it feeds my souls desire. When we are fulfilled within, it shows in many ways i.e. our mood, health, physical appearance etc. Let me put it like this, being a coach, facilitator, consultant and inspirational speaker requires me to be well read (remember I love reading) and full of energy & vitality (I go to gym and eat sensibly to achieve this).

I interact with people so portraying my authentic self is important (I love beautiful dresses, pretty shoes, flattering make-up). I must also be spiritually full (I have a special quiet time with God in the morning, I watch inspiring videos etc. I also spend a lot time alone with my thoughts). So you’ll see that there is a strong link between my work and taking care of myself, I cannot do my job without taking care of myself.

4. What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced in your career so far?

Navigating the quiet times in business is a challenge. Initially I would spend time reviewing everything I’d done, pointing out what I’d done wrong to put me in the situation and then feeling guilty and trying to fix things. Along the way I realised that everything in life has a season. Even businesses. There’s a time to plant seeds, a time to water them and a time to wait for them to take root and produce a harvest. The quiet times are the waiting times. It doesn’t matter how big or small a business is, it will go through seasons.

5. How has inspiring other people helped you in your own life?

Inspiring others has helped me grow into more of who I am meant to be; the more I inspire others, the more I want to inspire others and enable them to see that possibilities are endless, it begins with believing it and then knowing it. I don’t take my ability to speak into people’s lives lightly. I count it an honour and a huge responsibility. This keeps me on my toes, ever assessing and observing myself because people apply what I say to their very real life situations.

6. Do you host public events people can attend to be inspired and motivated and what can we expect for 2020?

Yes I do. I like to get up close and personal in my workshops because people are tired of feel-good sessions; people want practical ways and insight on how to bring about the results they want. I will be hosting a workshop in March and other activities for the rest of the year will be posted on my social media platforms and website. I also look forward to launching my first online training course on 1 February 2020. Details will be announced.

7. What does being yourself mean to you?

It means being real to myself about where I am at spiritually, physically, mentally, financially and so on. It also means acknowledging myself at my worst and being able to sit in those moments and still treat myself with love. Ultimately, being me is the ability and freedom to express my higher self and this means doing what is healthy and good for me. This results in me being healthy and good to and for others. When I don’t treat others in a healthy way, I never personalise it to that person, I ask myself what is happening within me to enable me to treat a person like that?

Here are her social media links.

Facebook LinkedIn YouTube

Instagram Soundcloud Native Worx

“Resisting change is like holding your breath under water. You may be able to do it a little while but do it long enough you will die” Maiyo Febi

Are you being yourself?

Till next time

Be Yourself

8 thoughts on “The South African inspirational speaker: Maiyo Febi

  1. Wow! This is an amazing and well… inspiring story! I believe we, women, should share stories of female activists, businesswomen, speakers, etc. who are successful in various areas of life. This way we will show everyone, other women, young girls, that we can change the world. By doing this we make girls forget about feeling worse and just believe in themselves.

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