Overmeer Bistro: Review

Some Sundays are dedicated for work and catching up on task which might have fallen behind but some other Sundays are completely dedicated to relaxation, discovery, good food and quality time.

Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa Overmeer Bistro review

I have recently visited the Overmeer Bistro which is a restaurant inside the Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa in Muldersdrift . This bistro offers beautiful, relaxed and unique atmosphere. Moreover, they have a wide range of dishes, pizzas and deserts to choose from. I had an amazing Sunday, unwinding, let time stopped and nothing else mattered apart from the month watering dishes we ordered and my sweet cocktail.

Over viewing the dam, Overmeer Bistro offers unique scenery and peaceful atmosphere. Unlike most restaurant, it was not crowed or played loud music. Instead, the music was soft and you could still hear the sound of nature. I was watching people trying to catch fishes, youngsters swimming in the infinity pool, people taking a walk waiting for their food to be ready and ducks doing their things. The most shocking thing is that I even forgot to ask for the WI-FI password because I really didn’t need that.

Overmeer Bistro review, Muldersdrift restaurant review

The Bistro is open from Tuesday to Sunday and is closed on Monday. Overall being there was pleasant and relaxing. The lodge itself also offers a great variety of accommodation and a spa. It is ideal for a weekend getaways to escape everyday life or just looking for something new. Visit their website Kloofzicht Lodge and Sapa: Overmeer bistro

Kloofzitcht Lodge and Spa review, Overmeer bistro review, Guvon group hotels review

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