Date ideas that won’t blow the bank

Dating when you have been together for long remains an important part to have a healthy relationship. It helps you get way from the routine and everyday life and helps you reconnect like the old days. Date ideas to do in and around Johannesburg.

Date ideas on a budget in Johannesburg. Date ideas for valentine day

5 Date ideas that will not blow the bank in Johannesburg

1. Go on a one day road trip

Take a day off, your car and your significant other and go visit somewhere new. It can be a new park or restaurant in a city close by. Use your driving time to talk and catch up on anything and everything. Going on a road trip is very relaxing, you drive down memory lane, there is nothing to distract you, you will spend a long time in the car talking, laughing and crying and remembering why you love each other.

We have been to Hartbeespoort known as Harties is a city 45 min away from Johannesburg and has amazing activities and things to do. We visited the French Toast Koffie kafee and the Aerial cable way in just a day.

Aerial cable way in Harties. Date ideas in Gauteng

2. Choose a picnic date

Prepare a picnic basket with your favorite snacks and head over to your favorite picnic spot. It is romantic and the quietness of the nature will surely make you feel more relaxed. The new trend is to hire picnic events planners who can do amazing picnic set up, do everything for you and step up your picnic date game.

There are thousand of those kind of picnic planners in Johannesburg. The only question is how much are you willing to spend to get your picnic date set up by professionals?

Romantic date ideas in Johannesburg. Simple and romantic date ideas for new couples. How to surprise your partner this valentines day. Date ideas to escape routine

3. Spontaneous date

Sometimes you don’t need to plan everything in advance, you can just go out for a walk, get few drinks or have a romantic diner under the stars. Plan a secret date without your partner knowing, do things you both enjoy or try something completely new together.

4. Activity date

Take a cooking class together, a cheese and wine tasting, a couple dance class or anything you are interested in. Start a small DIY project together and make sure you finish it put together. Activity date strengthen the trust you have for one another because you have to rely on each other to get your activity done. Again there are thousand of couple activities to choose from in Johannesburg.

We enjoy doing DIY, well I love doing DIY and he enjoys helping me finish almost all my projects. The biggest DIY project we did were folding 100 of those happy women’s day note for the Women’s day in Little Paris event we did together. he was in charge of cutting the notes and gluing them to the sticks and I had to fold then, add a flower and put them in a small bag. On the pictures below are what we did in 1 day.

5. Have an experience date

It is not just a normal simple coffee date, here you are looking to do something different from what you both know, having a new experience and share it with your significant one. Johannesburg has a variety of amazing experience to choose from depending on your budget you can go skydive, go on safari balloons, game drive, go feed lions, have a fun dining experience, spa day at luxurious hotels and be treated like royalty, have an helicopter tour and many more experience to choose from.

We have tried out dinning in the Sky and the experience was amazing even though we had to book two months in advance as they only open Saturdays. It was an experience to remember.

Sky events in Johannesburg. Unique date idea experience in Gauteng. Dinner in the Sky South Africa

6. Date night in

You really don’t have to go out to have quality time or do extraordinary things every week to have a great time together. Sometimes, simple is what you need to reconnect and be happy. Cook your favorite meal, alone or together, set up a beautiful table, light up some candles or order in and eat in the takeaways dishes and make sure no one will disturb you because it is your night.

Millennial date night ideas on a budget

While choosing what you want to do, remember who you are as a couple. As what works for one couple will not necessarily works for you. Do what you have always wanted to do even if none of your couple friends are doing it. You don’t need to break the bank to have a date.

What is your favorite type of date?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

29 thoughts on “Date ideas that won’t blow the bank

  1. Wow, I love your ideas. I totally agree with the date night concept, I think everytime we do that we get to reconnect and become a bit closer. Thank you for the great ideas for a date night😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sometimes the least expensive dates are the most meaningful. Just spending time together without phones or distractions is worth more than flowers or an expensive dinner. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s absolutely true. The least expensive date can have the most significant impact in your relationship. I believe that spending good quality time together non matter how you do it, is what matters the most.
      Thanks for reading Jen💕


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