How to survive the month of LOVE being a singleton

It’s February and couple love is in the air everywhere but where does that leave us singletons? I’m yet to see an ad telling me what I could possibly gift myself or maybe I just don’t watch enough TV to notice. If you are like me which is single and looking for plans for Valentine’s day then keep reading. The same way there are different couples, I believe there’s different singletons or rather different stages of being single and I shall advise accordingly. There are three types of singletons; the newly single, the player single and the OG single.

How to survive the month of love being a SINGLETON.  Three types of SINGLETON and how to survive the month of love

Today’s article is a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers Pabalelo Chaba, commonly known as Lelo. She is a young adult with an opinion like every other person and began this blog to share her
views on society with the world and her own life lessons with hopes to spark a conversation and/or change a life, even if it’s
only changing their outlook on life. Her social media timeliness are an album of her life. She posts about her niche being lifestyle, beauty, self love, food and travel.

Pabalelo chaba, lelo's journal, lelo's the beauty. Guest post how to survive the month of love being a SINGLETON

How to survive the month of love being a singleton

1. The newly single

This month usually hurts because everything is so triggering and reminds you of what was and you struggle to think of what could be in terms of your growth as a person because essentially that is the beauty of what being single could bring. Because everything is so triggering, I’d say keep your social interaction to a minimum, I know for me I hated going to the cinema over weekends because there were literally couples everywhere! Even eating out at certain restaurants became problematic. Rather spend your time writing yourself love letters include what you hope being single brings you. Learn to fall in love with the amazing human being you are and when valentine’s day comes around spoil yourself with an indoor activity like Netflix and chill (stay away from watching anything romantic), have an at-home spa, order or cook your favourite meal, read a good book, buy yourself a gift/flowers. My point is, use this day/month to invest in loving yourself and finding who you are now that you are single and when the 29th comes read back to yourself all those love letters and have an amazing start to the healing process you are going through.

How to survive the month of love being a SINGLETON.  How to take care of yourself this valentine's day as a single person

2. The player single

You are back on the dating scene and enjoying the company of multiple people from time to time but there’s that one person who has a better chance at getting you to commit than the rest of the group. I say shoot your shot and ask them to be your valentine, the worst that could happen is them saying no and that means they most probably don’t feel the same way, now you can focus on finding a new love interest but for the sake of this post let’s hope they say yes, now what to do you ask? You can have the cliché dinner and roses, movie date or try something you’ve never done before like a sip and paint session where you sip your favourite beverage, preferably something intoxicating unless driving is involved and get to know each other more while doodling with paint. Join a couple’s cooking class, take them to your favourite place in the city and explain why that is the case, go club hopping or have a themed dinner evening. My point here is to do something brand new with a potential love interest, those type of memories are usually the best or are the best for storytelling.

3. The OG singleton

Whether love comes your way or not doesn’t phase you. You could survive a night at the movies with a lot of couples in the area and not hear your heart break at the sight of them. Don’t treat valentine’s like any other day though, acknowledge it by showing yourself some appreciation in the form of a gift, whatever you want. You’d most probably end up doing what a newly singleton should do but perhaps you could spice things up by going club/restaurant hopping or you could do what I’m planning on doing which is hosting a singles mini party with my single friends. My point here is that you probably already got plans, enjoy them and enjoy you.

Here are Lelo’s social links: Lelo’s journal(blog) , YouTube , Instagram

Loving you is the best way to survive the month of love whichever type of singleton you are. -Let’s chat. Love Lelo.

How do you survive the month of love as a singleton?

Till next time

Be Yourself

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