Couple crush: Q&A with Regodise

I have always wanted to interview one of my favorite YouTube couple Regodise. Their love for each other has always inspired me to be a better person and love deeper. I wanted to share their story and inspire people to still believe in pure and unconditional love. I took a leap of faith and reach out to them to make my dream come true and here is my couple crush questions and answers with Regodise.

Couple crush: Q&A with REGODISE

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself who is Rego? who is Dise? and who are you together?

I am Regomoditswe Isis Khoele. I am wife to Modise as well as a born again woman of God who has a passion for aviation.

I am Modise Kagiso Khoele, an extroverted man of God who is passionate about doing God’s work at every given opportunity. I am an academic who enjoys learning new things and taking on new challenges. As a loving husband, I pride himself in seeking to be a provider, not only in the its true sense of financial provision, but also to provide direction for my family under the guidance of the Holy Word of God.

As RegoDise, we are a culmination of God first, love ambassadors and living a life of total adventure. We are a united force that seeks to live life to its fullest and making the most of every second. We are inspired to capture our lifestyle, creating content for entertainment purposes, provide hope for others to believe in love and mostly to always seek God in all that you do. We help each other to bring out the best in one another whilst altogether complementing one another

2. At what stage of the relationship did you realize you ere meant to be together forever?

It was 2 to 3 years into our relationship when things started to get serious. When Dise reminded me of what he said when we started dating, which was that he is not just merely dating me for fun but for marriage. It was at this point that we realized that God was busy building a solid relationship and foundation for marriage.

3. What is the most challenging thing that has ever happen in your relationship and how did you overcome that?

Trying to manage a long distance relationship . I lived in Port Alfred for a year and a half due to flight school. So instead of writing my exams in Port Alfred, I came back home in Johannesburg to complete my exams. I had to make the sacrifice of using my stipend to travel back home in order to see Dise physically. Besides the traveling, we regularly had what we called “Skype Dates” which we valued because it was an opportunity to see each as opposed to texting each other all the time. That really helped.

4. I always watch your YouTube videos and it is obvious that you are each other best friend, you always complete each other sentences and work in perfect harmony. How did you reach that deep friendship?

Lol, well it came naturally overtime. We believe that developing a solid friendship is key to complementing one another. Some other key tips would be spending valuable time away from social media, television and any other external distractions. And our love for God is much greater than our love for one another therefore we can love each other easily and treat each other with respect.

5. February is the month of love, everyone want to go on a date, everyone want to celebrate Valentine’s day, everyone want to fall in love and feel loved. What advice can you give to those desperately looking for love?

Don’t look for love. First love God, than yourself. Pray and ask God to either lead you to or send the ideal partner for you will. Don’t focus on the material things of Valentines Day focus on the substance of love. Personally, we don’t celebrate Valentines Day but rather we love each other and spoil each other regularly as an act of love and appreciation.

6. Although you are a couple and you are now one flesh, you are two individual with different passion and career. How has that difference make your relationship even stronger?

Honestly, It’s was challenging initially however we’ve learnt to appreciate and accept one another’s passions and careers. We have purposefully and intentionally made it our priority to be well invested in each others lives. That’s what a relationship is all about. Accepting our interests and differences and finding a common ground. That has helped strengthen our relationship. Our YouTube Channel space has also helped us to unite our passions and to showcase our colorful skills and talents, not forgetting our love for God.

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7. If you could relive one specific moment in your relationship, which one would you pick and why?

There are several however, Our Wedding Day takes the cup! It was the most emotional day for us. It was filled with the knowledge that we are pleasing God and that we have become one. It was knowing that our love is personified in great magnitude and that RegoDise has officially become reGODise. We would relive it as much as we can.

8. What is the biggest lesson you have learnt in your years of relationship and might help other couples out there and the thousand of people watching your YouTube channel?

The biggest lesson we’ve learnt is the importance of including God in your relationship. With Him as your foundation and a personal relationship with His son Jesus Christ, the relationship become much easier to handle. Respect, effective communication, trust, loyalty, forgiveness and many other values are critical to sustaining a healthy relationship however without God – the main ingredient – your relationship is on vulnerable grounds.

9. What does being yourself mean to Rego and Dise?

It means that as a equal opposite, don’t lose your personal identity or compromise who you are as an individual but rather bring your element of difference to the relationship, in order to complement the other in perfect harmony.

“we don’t celebrate Valentines Day but rather we love each other and spoil each other regularly as an act of love and appreciation.” -Regodise

Here is where to find the Regodise: YouTube Channel , Instagram

If you have found someone that loves you for who you are and help you become the best version of yourself, don’t let that go to waste.

Till next time

Be Yourself

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