How to practice and maintain healthy relationship

All relationships are unique and beautiful when real and pure love is in the air. Because February is all about celebrating love, it is important to know how to practice and maintain healthy relationships.

How to practice and maintain healthy relationship

Your relationship is what you give in

Relationship is more about what you give than what you get. If you wanna feel supported, be supportive of your friend, family member, spouse or children. If you wanna feel appreciated, appreciate more. if you wanna be accepted for who you are, accept others for who they are. However, don’t do it as a manipulation tactic to get what you want, be genuine and stay true to yourself. When relationship each partner is giving more of everything, those partners elevate each others higher and have a strong bond.

Your relationship requires self love and communication

Practice self love and self care, the way you show up for yourself will be the way you show up for others. Keep your heart open, speak your truth with love, communicate your feelings. Listen to understand and truly understand. Share your appreciation and gratitude for one another. Moreover, communication and understanding are fundamental keys in any relationship. If you don’t communicate openly how do you expect to be understood? The other person can’t guess what’s going on with you, you need to speak up and express yourself. Communication is important to maintain a healthy relationship

Your relationships shouldn’t be compared

Do not compare your relationship with someone else’s relationship. Don’t compare your children to your neighbors kids, don’t compare your spouse to your friend’s spouse or a celebrity, don’t compare your parents to others parents. Your story is different, your spouse is different, your parents are different, your children are different. Comparing your relationship with others is the fastest way to destroy it. When you compare your relationships with others, you loose sight of what you have and take it for granted. No relationships are perfect, focus on yours and remember why you are in it.

Your relationship requires your attention

Whether you like it or not, relationships are not easy, they require constant work and commitment from both parties. be ready to have each others back in good and in bad. Be ready to be patient, understanding, forgiving, loving, crying, laughing. Be ready to help each other reach your full potential, support each other and guide each other. be ready and willing to work through your problems and come out stronger, be ready not to give up on each other if you bring the best out of each other. Remember, it is a relationship not a community project. If you have to involve a third person every time there is a misunderstanding, you have a problem. Take a break and think about if it is worth it. Moreover, if all your arguments are caused by a third person, there is a serious red flag.

Your relationship should be private but not a secret

What people don’t know they can’t ruin. Going around exposing all your misunderstandings and issues you are facing will not make them any better. When you talk badly about your partner to your entourage, even if it is once, they will never forget about what you said. Even when the storm has calmed down and your relationship is doing well again, they will always have doubts and fed you their fears and concerns. In addition to that, when your partner share with you their trauma or deepest secrets, it is not your responsibility to tell the all family and decide on their future. What you talk about with your partner should stay between you unless you both decide to talk about it and seek help. It is important to remember that a private relationship is an healthy relationship where you both are connected, everyone knows that you are together but no one knows your businesses but a secret relationship is toxic because you constantly need to sneak around, lie and make sure nobody knows that you are together. A healthy relationship is private but not a secret.

Your relationship needs quality time

Sometimes we fail into a routine and don’t even see the need to tell the person we love that we really love and care about them. Quality time spent together strengthen the bond, keep the romance alive and deepen your connection. Don’t neglect spending time together without any distractions, just you and your partner. Remind yourselves why you love each other and why you keep on falling in love with each other over and over again.

Your relationship needs deep friendship

Being best friends is not something that is forced, it comes naturally. You don’t have to love, hate and be passionate about the same thing to be best friends with your partner. You don’t have to enjoy shopping together to be best friend. Your friendship should be beyond everything, an opened and sincere friendship. It is important to understand that your partner passion might not excite you the way it excite them and vice versa but remember that you need to respect each other passion. Having different passion is not a bad thing in a relationship. You should be each other cheerleader and critic. The best relationships are where each person can grow as an individual and reach their full potential without compromising the relationship itself. Be supportive of each other passion and develop a deep friendship.

Understand how you feel loved in your relationship

Ask yourself, are you loving your partner the way they need to be loved or the way you want to be loved? There are five love languages: act of service, word of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts or quality time. A love language is the way you receive love. It is completely normal to have different love language in a relationship. Because this part deserve a full post of it own, next Sunday theme will cover this part in depth.

How do you practice and maintain a healthy relationship?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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