Ruimsig Country club: Golf date with the family

Golf has always been associated with fancy, expensive and a sport for a specific group of people . Last month I had a great time playing golf with the family at Ruimsig Country club in Rooderpoort. This golf club in Rooderpoort opened their doors to the public and even to first time players. We took advantage of this opportunity and had a fabulous day playing golf.

Everything went perfectly well from our arrival at Ruimsig country club the staff was friendly and outlined everything that was going to happen and everything we needed to play and make our experience enjoyable and most importantly fun because the main reason we wanted to play was for FUN.

Just to put it out there you can see everyone decided to wear black and white and nobody told me we had a dress code to follow and I showed up in pink.

The night before I googled everything about how to play golf to be ready but I must say it was a little bit tricky at first but once we were told how to perfectly swing, everything went smoothly and we even declare that we will make golfing as a career. Yes that’s how bad we enjoyed playing it.

The lawn was perfectly green. I knew that golf course were huge but I wasn’t ready for that. We were supposed to do 18 holes but we ended up doing only nine holes and we were extremely tired. The beautiful pictures and memories we created were the best part of the day

If you are like me and has always wanted to play golf for fun, take advantage of their special promotion and bring your team, family or play by yourself. Visit their website HERE

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Till next time

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13 thoughts on “Ruimsig Country club: Golf date with the family

  1. I used to play golf many years ago, but I was a terrible player. It IS very tiring, but fun. Looks like your family had a fun day.

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    1. Yessss it is indeed very tiring. We couldn’t finish the entire 18 holes. It was too much for us. But we surely enjoy playing together.
      Thanks for reading Susan💕


  2. I love a family fun day out and this sounds like such a fun day. My husband plays golf regularly and I gate crush the 19th occasionally especially on those hot days.

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  3. How fun that you took the whole family out! My kids both played golf in high school and my husband and I play, so we spent a lot of family days on the course. No phones or distractions, just sunshine, laughs and quality time. Hope you continue!

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    1. That’s amazing. I used to think that it was a boring game. Now that we had an incredible experience playing golf, I am sure we will be back on the course soon.
      Thanks for reading Jen 🙂


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