What’s your love language?

The popular book by Gary Chapman was written in 1995 but it is till relevant today when we talk about relationships. You have probably read How to practice and maintain healthy relationships, this is the second part of that post. If you haven’t read please click on the highlighted title to read.

A love language is how you receive love. According to Chapman, there are five love languages and everyone fall into one of those love languages. However, there are possibility that your love language is the mixture of two or three of the love languages listed below.

The five love languages by Chapman

1. Words of affirmation: for the person who fall into this category, words mean a lot. Even the shortest and simplest phrases can be more effective

2. Acts of service: for this person actions speaks louder than words

3. Receiving gifts: those persons are not necessarily looking for materialistic gifts. Meaningful and thoughtful gifts make them feel loved.

4. Quality time: it is all about undivided attention, those persons feel loved when they are the center of attention of their partners. Spending quality time is important for them

5. Physical touch: Those persons feel more loved and connected when they are touched, it can be holding hands, kisses, hugs and being emotionally connected to their partners as well.

I encourage you to take the quiz on the five love languages with your partner, children, sisters, parents , brothers and whoever you want to …..(add link to practice and maint). You need to understand each other love language to give love in the correct way. Follow this link and take the appropriate quiz. Take the quiz to learn your love language

What’s your love language?

Till next Sunday

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13 thoughts on “What’s your love language?

  1. I read this book about 10 years ago and was surprised to learn that physical touch is one of my love languages. I do not like just anyone hugging me or even shaking hands with strangers. I’m more like a cat when it comes to receiving affection from people I know. Yet at night in order to go to sleep I have to touch my husband somehow. If I’m sad or upset or hurt I need a hug or hand on my shoulder. I need to re-read this so I can figure out how best to love on my kiddos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing your story and yes you should read that book again and take the quiz to understand how to love better your kids. There is always room for improvement and give love better.
      My primary love language is quality time and I will take the quiz again next year to see if nothing has changed.

      Thanks for reading Cassie💕


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