Why perfectionism is FEAR in high heels

I was recently reading a book by Elisabeth Gilbert: The big magic. In her book, she stated that perfectionism is the fancy name for fear, it is fear in high heels, wearing make up and red lipstick. A lot of people are waiting to be 100% ready to start implementing their project or launch their podcasts, blog, to enroll for a course or to apply for a particular job. The truth is you will never be 100% ready and it is never going to be 100% ready.

Why perfectionism is the fear in high heels, book by Elizabeth Gilbert best read of 2020 review

Most of the perfectionists are fearful people. They fear what if my project fail, “what if I pitch my idea and it is not such a great idea after all, I need more time to work on it until it is it is ready to be published or I won’t apply for that job because I am still a student and have no experience.” Perfectionists dream of a perfect world, a world where they are only allowed to show their true self only when they are 100% ready. This can take months, years and even never happen if they don’t feel ready.

I used to swear by perfectionism as well until I realize that even when I was ready to do something, things didn’t go as planned and I had to adjust, learn new things and redesign my plans and strategies. It was such an hard lesson for me that I had to write a note to myself that says: “It is okay not knowing everything and the results in advance in order to start doing what I want.” Furthermore, women especially, tend to be perfectionists because society made us believe that we needed to be perfect to go out there and show what we have. Those traditions, habits and rules, us women should outgrow them. We have what we takes to put ourselves out there and share our talents and passions with the world. If you need a permission slip to stop being a perfectionist, here you go it is yours. Perfectionism is a fancy name for fear. Remember that.

Perfectionism is fear in high HEELS. Book review 2020 The Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Perfection doesn’t exist, it is fear in disguise. What if you fail? it is okay try harder or change your strategies. What if you don’t get that job? It is okay, try again. What if no one listen to your first podcast? It is okay, keep doing what you love. You will never be 100% ready for anything, just start and keep on learning and adjusting in your journey.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert blogger review

Done is better than good. An imperfect (good) plan or idea executed now is better than a perfect plan or idea never executed.

Were you also a perfectionist? How did you learn to get over that?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

11 thoughts on “Why perfectionism is FEAR in high heels

  1. I agree with you completely. So many times I was expected to be perfect in my behaviours and actions that I was fed up being told what to do and what not to do (and still be away from being perfect). Today when I do things on my own terms atleast I feel happy about them and that is what matters the most.

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    1. Yes and that should always be the goal. As long as you are happy with everything you are doing, you are good. Perfection doesn’t exist. I once read that WE ARE NOT BORN TO BE PERFECT BUT TO BE REAL.

      Thanks for reading 💕

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  2. It is true. I would kind of say that I belittle myself most of the time. It is only after giving a try, then I realize actually I can do it more often. I learnt to believe in myself with whatever knowledge that I have. Because deep down I always tell myself “there is someone out there waiting for me to help them or to see how I do so that they can go after their dreams too.

    Thank you so much for sharing🙏

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    1. Yes that’s true, don’t underestimate yourself. Use whatever you know and have and start where you are. There is no perfect timing to go after your dreams.

      Thanks for reading Grace💕


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