17 Things you do that are wasting your time

Sometimes we spend our time doing unnecessary activities during the day and at the end ask ourselves: “Where did time go, I haven’t done what I was supposed to do today.” There are common time wasters we might be guilty of practicing.

17 Things you do that are wasting your precious time

1. Worrying: it doesn’t solve the problem nor can it predict the future.

2. Procrastinating: wasting time thinking about doing it while you are too lazy to do it.

3. Being disorganized: wasting time trying to find something you have no idea where it could be is such a time waster.

4. Not planning in advance: starting your day having no idea of what need to be done and the day after regret your decision of wasting an entire day doing nothing.

5. Not shutting down distractions: when every distraction can make you forget about what you are supposed to do for that day.

6. Doing other people jobs: not delegating is a waste of time

7. Saying yes to everything

8. Over committing yourself

9. Complaining: whining all the time doesn’t help

10. Gossiping

11. Watching TV more than you should: no one has ever accomplish their goals sitting on their couch watching TV all day long

12. Driving when there is traffic

13. Not making decision

14. Random google search that lead no where

15. Hanging out with the wrong squad: hanging out with people who don’t add value to your life, with whom you have to be someone else to fit in doesn’t do you any good

16. Not taking care of yourself: if you are not at your best, you can’t give your best to what you do. If you neglect taking care of your physical and mental health when you can, one day you will be force to do that

17. Going to unnecessary meetings: waste of time, some meetings can fit in an email

18. Solving the same problem again and again: find a permanent solution for that problem, solve it once and for all. Having that short cut solution is a waste of time as the problem will keep on coming back.

What other time wasters do you know and should be added to the list?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

25 thoughts on “17 Things you do that are wasting your time

    1. Yes that’s true, we need to identify those time wasters in our lives and work towards being more productive with our time.
      Thanks for reading Joanna ๐Ÿ’•


  1. I’m bad about several of these things! Social media can be really distracting and I want to check my notifications every time I hear that ding! I am training myself to let those things go so I don’t distract myself from important writing projects.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it all starts with small steps. Try to turn off notifications and put your phone away when you’re busy doing your writing projects. It migt help. Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. This is a great list of things that everyone occasionally does that results in time wasted. I completely agree with you that complaining simply doesnโ€™t help solve anything.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Simple, yet concise. Hanging out with people with whom you canโ€™t be yourself is certainly the one I stress the most as the key thing to avoid. It gets you nowhere and achieves nothing

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Absolutely true hanging out with the wrong people is such a waste of time and one can end up frustrated and stressed about his or her own self. It is important to be surrounded by the right people.
      Thanks for reading Bryan ๐Ÿ™‚


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