8 Things to do with your time at home during this social distancing

It will be irresponsible for one to just ignore the current world situation concerning the outbreak of the coronavirus also known as Covid-19. Today it is easy to get carried away and overwhelmed of unreliable and fake news going around everyday. I have read somewhere that the virus that is spreading faster than the coronavirus is the fear of coronavirus. Respecting the protocols and hygiene measures put into place by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and your local government are crucial and will help curb the spread of the virus.

while it is advised to self isolate, quarantine or maintain social distancing, you might find yourself stuck at home with plenty of time and not knowing what to do or how to make the most out of your time at home because there is no school, no work or less of it, deadlines have been cancelled until further notice and no meetings. I have some good news for you, you have plenty of free time and you can do absolutely whatever you want. See this situation as bonus time. You have time to use as you wish, it will be gone before you even notice it, use this time to your advantage. Below is a list of some activities you can do at home to make the most out of this social distancing time.

8 Things to do with your time during this social distancing

1. Improve your cooking skill: You have now plenty of time to really make amazing lunch, breakfast or dinner. That one dish you have always wanted to make, now you can try it an also try to involve the all family it is gonna be fun. Improve on your baking skills or try to make a completely different cuisine. I love baking and I will be trying out things I have never done before.2. Catch up with your family and friends: if you live far away from your family, video call them, catch up on what going on in their lives, how they are feeling and coping with social distancing and life in general. If you live with family, you have more time for your kids, your partner or your brothers and sisters. Use this time to strengthen your bond and create fun memories together. Be fully present you have time.I have to add that, it is important to remember to check on your friends or people you might know who are in abusive relationships. Their escape was going to school or to work and are now forced to self isolate with their abusive parents, partners or family members. If you know such people, please check up on them.

3. Exercise more: there are plenty of videos available for home workout, just choose which one you want and do you. You can also just put some good music and have a little dance battle if this is more fun. Dancing helps you stay active.4. Learn something new: it can be a new language or a subject you are interested in or how to mow your own lawn or how to use the washing machine yourself. You can also learn how to use Tik Tok or Pinterest or how to start a podcast. Learn something new which will ad value to your life. Don’t let this time go to waste.5. Work from home: catch up on some school assignments you have been neglected, do some researches on projects you have been assigned to at work, be ahead and finish up that proposal.6. Get closer to God: even some churches have shutdown but that is no excuses to stop praying and nourish your faith. You have time to really and truly pray, the world needs your prayer as well. Read your bible and strengthen your faith.7. DIY (Do It Yourself): start a simple and easy DIY project, it will keep you busy and active. If you are looking for some awesome ideas check out Pinterest.

8. Declutter your space: get rid of the things that no longer serve you, look into your closet and do the right thing.9. Relax: take time to relax and rest. Sometimes doing that is the best thing you can do for yourself. The more relaxed you are the less anxious and stressed you are and the healthier you will feel. Take care of yourself and listen to what your body want.

What are some other activities you have been up to since the beginning of social distancing?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

16 thoughts on “8 Things to do with your time at home during this social distancing

  1. Yes, so many things we can do to keep occupied and stay healthy. This too shall pass. I feel like I have had bonus time with my kids. They are teens and will be off on their own so soon, this time has been a bonus for me. They have done so well. I am inspired now to get in my closet and clear out some stuff, my project for today! Thanks for the advice.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this. Your messages always comes with a sort of positive vibe! Learning something new is definitely what I should try during this time . It’s true that this will pass before we even notice and we will be looking back wishing we had this time again (free time )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, this too shall pass nothing is eternal. A least this bonus time we have where everything has slowed down we can do what we have always wanted to do now that we have time.
      Thanks for reading Rose🙂


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