22+ daily affirmations to boost self confidence

Have you ever had an entirely bad day, in a bad mood and completely demotivated simply because you told yourself in the morning: “I woke up from the wrong foot”? This happens a lot to many people everyday. To have a great day, you need to start your day with a positive attitude to be able to face all the challenges you will encounter throughout the day. Affirmations are positive statement that can help you feel more confident, motivated and can reshape your limiting beliefs. Here are 22+ daily affirmations to always remember to help you boost your confidence and feel motivated

22+ daily affirmations to boost self confidence

1. I am and always will be enough

2. I trust my intuition and always make wise decisions

3. I have everything I need to face any obstacle that come my way

4. I have all that I need to make today a great day

5. I will be open minded and always eager to explore new avenues to success

6. I am happy and free because I am ME

7. I make decision based on the superstar I am becoming

8. I am a strong individual who attract success and happiness

9. I am confident and I trust myself

10. I am unique and it feels good to be fully who I am, I am a very special person

11. I am a child of God

12. I am free to live as I wish and to give priority to what I want

13. I love and respect myself

14. It is enough to have done and given my best

15. My body is a sacred place, I will keep it clean and in shape

22+ daily affirmations to boost your self confidence.  Affirmations to never forget. Daily affirmations

Sometimes your confidence might be shaken by an unforeseen event and it can have a devastating effect in your daily. I have shared a personal story on what to do when your confidence has been shaken, you can read How to rebuild your confidence after it has been shaken to find out more.

16. I am guided by the Divine Grace and I am where I am supposed to be right now

17. Every problem I face is a chance to grow

18. I am not a prisoner of my past, all my mistakes have been forgiven and erase

19. I appreciate the things I have and rejoice in the love I receive

20. I am blessed

21. I attract positive and helping people into my life

22. I am open to meeting people and create positive and supportive relationships

23. I am ready to face whatever comes my way as i have God by my side

24. I am a perfect creature

25. I am becoming the best version of myself

26. I can do it and I am going to achieve it

27. I am grateful for being alive today

28. I am embracing my own growth, I wasn’t meant to stay the same forever

29. Today I will use my own advice

30. I am allowed to reinvent myself if I don’t like who I am becoming

31. I am a badass

Which one spoke to you the most? What else can you add to the list?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

18 thoughts on “22+ daily affirmations to boost self confidence

  1. Great list! I love 17 and 31. Things like that I am saying to myself!
    I am the boss of my life, no one else! And only through failures and mistakes, I can learn to do it better!

    Liked by 1 person

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