Q&A with Love Your Life Community founder Melissa Fino

Today in the selflovies_society interview series, I have the great pleasure to find out more about the founder of Love Your Life Community, without further due let’s dive into it.

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Q&A with Love Your Life Community founder Melissa Fino

1. Tell us a little more about yourself. Who is Melissa Fino?

Hi, I’m Melissa, founder of Love Your Life Community, for the last 8 years I have been an accountability coach and a counselor, but before that I rode the last row on the struggle bus for a long time (too long!). My doubts crippled me and filled me with fear, so much so that I lived the stagnant life for years. I felt so STUCK! (maybe you can relate?)

2. What is a perfectionism coach? What inspired you to become one?

Hahaha. My best answer would be that I have spent years PERFECTING the term. I don’t believe there are many other coaches out there, with this specific niche. However, as a recovering perfectionist, I understand the need for one. I work directly with women, who can see that there is a greater reason why they never complete a task, assignment, project, or chase after whatever their heart desires. I empower them to push past their limiting beliefs and then give them the support, and tools necessary to move forward and never stop. Can I tell you something? I absolutely LOVE my job, and I’m grateful for the women who let me touch their life.

3. How does that helped you in your own life and journey of getting over perfectionism?

The underlying piece behind perfectionism is understanding your own values, but this is extremely difficult for most people, especially women. We model what we’ve been taught. We seek to please others, and forget about our own desires, and needs. When you can hone in on what is most important to you, you can then focus on your own needs and start living the life you dream of.

Melissa Fino, Little Miss perfect

4. What is the biggest challenging you have ever faced in your career?

Understanding that being a coach, and being a business owner are two different entities. My success is determined by my ability to master both. In the earlier stages of my business, I struggled. While I was an amazing coach, I was a horrible business owner.

I find this to be true for many life coaches. Being that, most coaches take their tumultuous life experiences and use them to help others who share similar experiences. Most coaches become coaches to change lives, not to make money. However mastering both roles, can bring harmonious results.

5. How did you overcome that challenge and what lessons did you learn from that?

I learned the skills necessary to run a successful business by working with other coaches, as well as taking additional business-related courses for entrepreneurs. I also began to outsource certain items such as bookkeeping and accounting, so that I could continue to focus on what was most important to me, empowering women to love their life.

Melissa Fino biography, q&a with Melissa Fino author of Little Miss Perfect

6. What is your biggest achievement so far?

I’m a high school drop out who went on to receive her Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California. For years, I had let my high school dropout story control me. I became one with that label, and I never believed that I could ever be more. Graduating college with honors, and continuing on to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the states was life-changing. That achievement forever changed my story, as I was no longer the dropout. I became the high school dropout who defied the odds, and that story motivated me to become more.

7. Tell us a little bit more about your upcoming book Little Miss Perfect?

Little Miss Perfect is the story of breaking ties from every belief that makes you think that you must be perfect. Every fear that keeps you from living. The book hilariously details a multitude of factors such as cultural ties, intimate relationships, archaic family beliefs, and social media. Each factor plays a role in the endless search for perfection.

But it all begins with my story. The story of a young woman who discovers that her need to be perfect is slowly destroying her life. It has caused her to drop out of high school, drop out of college, settle into meaningless relationships with verbally abusive men, and ultimately alienate herself from the world. This is the lifelong story of a woman who discovers that everything she was searching for could only be found within. But what was the breaking point? You’ll have to read the book to find out…

8. What are your future plan with your Love Your Life Community?

I’m open to whatever comes my way. I love working with women, and I’ll never turn down any opportunity that comes my way.

9. What does being yourself means to you?

It means knowing that you, as you are, is perfect. When you don’t feel the need to change your appearance, say less, or be more, just to fit in. You are enough.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I would love to extend an invitation to your audience. By signing up for my free resource library here they’ll receive free downloadable resources that will empower them to love their life, as well as ensure that they will be the first to be notified when Little Miss Perfect is published.

It always a great pleasure to get to know and read stories of people I interview. You can find out more about Melissa Fino by following her on her social media Website , Instagram , Facebook

Till next Time

Be Yourself

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