When you say Being Yourself, in what way?

You have probably thought even once that things could be better if certain changes were made in your life or changes on yourself. Being yourself is a personal decision you need to take. If you don’t see the need and importance to be yourself nobody can force you as it is a personal journey to embark on.

Taking the risk of being yourself

Many of us act like someone we are not, whether it to impress a loved one, your boss or just anyone, we have not all been ourselves in one way or the other because we believed it would get us what we wanted. But when you change who you are, you change your thoughts,your beliefs and become someone else to please the people you are trying to impress. Being yourself is a risk you have to take as there may be people in your life who are attached to the idea of who you are supposed to be and how you are supposed to act. On one hand, if you start showing who you truly are, you may loose those people or they may start treating you differently, it is a risk to take. On the other hand, you can keep on pretending to be happy that way and hide who you are, you can end up feel lonely, lost, miserable and unhappy,that is another risk to take. Being yourself does not mean being selfish and you don’t care about others (I don’t know why many people associate that to being yourself). Being yourself means liking who you are, living life how you want to live it regardless of other people’s opinions. It means respecting yourself. I have once been at a conference and met a sweet lady, Auntie Jo (she is much older than me that’s why I call her Auntie Jo) and we had an insightful conversation and she asked me: ” When you say Being Yourself, in what way?”

Being Yourself in what way?

1. Accept who you are

Accept your weird imperfections, embrace what makes you unique, it is time to stop hiding and pretending you don’t have flaws, appreciate your uniqueness and let it out. Take time to learn more about yourself, in fact, do you really know who you are? what makes you happy? sad? angry? laugh like crazy? your addictions? your fears? your darkest thoughts? Are you aware of all that? Take some time to sit and write them down, remember the last time you were happy, sad, you laugh out loud, the time you were really pissed, what was it about and what helped you calmed down. The time you did something to please someone but deep down you were miserable, don’t be afraid to dig deeper. Write them down on separate paper and get to know yourself better, only then you will know what you like about yourself, what you don’t like and would like to change or improve on. It is your personal journey. Love yourself unconditionally if you still don’t know why you should love and accept who you are read Things you didn’t know about self-love

2. Stop being negative about yourself

Stop talking negatively to yourself, yes you have made bad decisions, yes you have messed up big time and you have made mistakes but you are human, it is part of the journey called life, it is part of learning and understanding yourself. Forgive yourself for not knowing better then, forgive yourself for what you have done and what others have done to you, even if they are not sorry forgive them. Remember the way they treated you is a reflection of their own insecurities and it had nothing to do with you. Forgive yourself for the things you have done to others as well, sometimes we are the problem. You past does not define who you are, in fact, you are not your past. Talk positively about yourself see related post 22+ daily affirmations to boost self confidence. If you can’t do that, at least smile at yourself when you pass in front of a mirror.

3. Expand your comfort zone regularly

Growth does not happen by staying in your comfort zone where everything is familiar, you need to get a little uncomfortable by trying new things and meeting new people. Do things for yourself. When you think about doing something outside of your comfort zone that will make you happy, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do it, at least try and see how it goes. Express yourself, say what you mean and mean what you say, it is completely fine to have different opinions even if you are the only one in the entire room with that particular view on a subject, own it. One of the main thing which prevent us to be ourselves is the fear of what if it doesn’t work, what people will think of us. let’s always remember that what matter the most is what we think about ourselves. Also read 15+ habits to pick up in your personal growth journey

4. Strive for what you want to accomplish

Don’t be afraid to dream an dream big. Strive for what you want to accomplish, you might not have all the necessary skills to achieve your dreams and goals right now but you can learn all that, you can invest in yourself, get better and master skills you need to accomplish your dreams. Being yourself also means constant improvement while remaining true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to fully be committed to yourself and your dreams, committed in your self discovery journey. Sometimes, you may outgrow yourself and your own expectations you had about yourself and that’s perfectly fine. After all we are not meant to stay the same, we are meant to growth, so don’t resist change, change is good.

Being yourself is a personal decision and you have to fully commit to the journey. Are you committed in your personal growth journey?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

6 thoughts on “When you say Being Yourself, in what way?

  1. Beautiful expression..
    Accept yourself…love yourself…do what you love…love what you do…just be you..
    That’s what life got to be.


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