Q&A with Ramina Creatives owner: Tess Chauke

Some people believe that you are born entrepreneur, you are one or you are not. However, I believe that like any other thing, being an entrepreneur can be learnt and it gets better with time, experience and constant learning. In today’s interview series, Tess Chauke the owner of Ramina Creatives is my guest.

Q&A with Ramina Creatives owner Tess Chauke

1. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Who is Tess Chauke?

I am a 27 year old Tsonga girl from a small Town called Giyani in Limpopo ,I am A creative ,A business woman and a Quantity Surveyor by Profession

2. How did your online shop Ramina Creatives came about?

It comes from my love for working with my hands ,I have a huge passion for doing things myself (DIY). I decided to Start Ramina Creatives after I saw a gap in the gifting space, I wanted to change the whole Idea of gifting, I am a very sentimental person , so I generally like gifts with a bit of thought and sentiment to them and coming up with a business that offers services of helping people gift their loved ones in a sentimental way was my main goal for starting the business. So basically having items that are personalized but not only that , personalized with a bit of creativity to them

3. At what stage did you realize that you had that entrepreneurship spirit in you to turn your passion into business?

When I realized my entrepreneurship spirit I actually didn’t even think I’d ever turn my passion into a business. I was 21 when I realized my entrepreneur spirit , At the time I was still in varsity, and I had just turned a simple task such as typing assignments for a lady who was working and studying part time into a money making process because she would pay me for the services and I built such a strong working relationship with her, she trusted me so much with the services and she continuously brought the assignments for typing in exchange for money. From there I just knew that one day I am going to be a business woman, but I did not have an idea what kind of business I am going to run. And what added more to the entrepreneur spirit was after I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki Called “Why A students work for C students and B students work for the government” , that book changed my view on life and played a huge role in what I am today as a Former A student who is now an entrepreneur

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4. What is the biggest challenge you have ever face in your business? And what lessons did you learn from that?

So because my business came from something I was already doing for fun and not for money, I had a difficulty with Pricing , I found myself under pricing so much in the early stages but as time went by , I learnt that people pay for value . So I worked on producing good value products worth paying for

5. What is the most proud moment of your personal life and business? Your biggest achievement both personally and professionally.

Personal : Having lemonade currently from the lemons that came with my varsity life , My early varsity struggles almost broke me into pieces, at some point I thought It’s over for me I’ll never be anything. So I am really proud of the woman I have become and also proud of Ramina for unleashing my potential the way it has for the past 2 and half years.

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6. How has staying true to who you are has helped you I achieving your goals?

I believe by being true to myself, I am completely honest with what I feel, deeply value, and desire and it also means communicating my feelings wholeheartedly both with myself and others , allowing my truth to flow through me and into the world and with all that achieving goals I have set for myself comes easly

7. Any future plans for Ramina Creatives?

Online store coming up soon, and also a plant section will be coming soon under the gifting services

8. What advice can you give to someone who want to venture into opening an online business?

Be consistent and continue learning

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9. What does being yourself mean to you?

Being yourself means you like who you are, you live life how you want to live it, set your goals and go for it regardless of other people’s opinions. And it means you respect yourself. Don’t worry about what others think. You can’t control people’s thoughts. You look up to people but not go out of your way to try and be exactly like them. No one is you and that’s your superpower

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Till next time

Be Yourself

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