8 Lessons learnt from Netflix mini series Self Made

Self Made is the untold story of black hair care pioneer Madam C. J. Walker who built an empire that made her America’s first female self made millionaire. The mini series staring Octavia Spencer as Madam C.J. Walker contain lot of lessons young entrepreneurs specially female entrepreneurs should remember. Here are 8 lessons I have learnt from watching Self Made.

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8 Lessons learnt from Self Made mini series

1. Your story is important. No matter what you sell, what industry you are in, your goal is and I really hope is to solve a problem. While doing that, tell your own story to your audience, it sets you apart from the rest.

2. Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself, be confident, believe in your dreams even if it is scary at some point and no one else believe in your wild dreams, be the first one to believe in them with all your heart.

3. have a clear vision of where you are going and keep your eyes on that. You will fail, things will not go according to plan, you will have setbacks or be discouraged but keep your eyes on a bigger picture, that alone should be motivate you to always get up, adjust and try again.

4. There are thousand ways to go where you want to go. Madam C.J. walker always found a way to make herself heard, to get her message across. Although at that time (in the 1900s) women were to stay in the kitchen, look pretty and drink tea, she knew that to get what she wanted, she had to break some unspoken rules, challenge cultural traditions and norms. This really taught me how important it is to always step out of the comfort zone, nothing grows there.

5. Sometimes you are the only one who can do it. When you want something, do it yourself, she was always prepared to talk about what she wanted and her big plans, she did everything in her power to first do it herself as she was the best person to explain her vision to investors. There are things that as young entrepreneurs should learn to do: explaining clearly and with confidence our visions and plans

6. There is no overnight success. Believe it or not, there is no overnight success. The day you plant the seed is never the day you eat the fruit. It takes time, hard work, consistency, commitment, preparation and a lot of self discipline to reach your goals. For some their overnight success can take 5 years or less for others it can even be longer. Rome was not built in one day, be patient and don’t give up.

7. The people you surround yourself with are as important as what you sell.You can’t bring everyone to the top and you can’t reach where you are going by isolating yourself either. Madam C.J. Walker had Freeman Ranson who was her legal counsel who was committed and invested at 100% in the success and elevation of Madam C.J. Walker brand. It is important to know who is by your side, on your side or in the way of your success. Surround yourself with people who want to see you win as much as you.

8. Remember to find the right balance. She was so determined to make her dreams come true and build her empire that I personally think that she forgot to balance her personal and professional life. As much as you want to succeed, to secure the bag, to be financially free, it is important to take time to appreciate what you have right now, your children if you have, your most loyal friends, your spouse, taking good care of your health as well. It will be sad to finally have your empire and not being able to enjoy your success because of health problems or there is no one to celebrate with you as you were too busy to create meaningful relationships. Take time to rest and enjoy the little things in life, create and maintain meaningful relationships. We never know when is the last goodbye.

Have you watched Self Made mini series on Netflix? What were your takeaways?

Till next Sunday

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4 thoughts on “8 Lessons learnt from Netflix mini series Self Made

  1. Divine
    Don’t you wish the series was long?
    This is my takeaway from your blog post:
    ‘You can’t bring everyone to the top and you can’t reach where you are going by isolating yourself either’
    Yes, it is impossible to be successful by yourself.
    You inner circle is precious. You have to carefully and wisely choose those in your cheering squad. Usually, they are never more than your fingers on one hand.
    After watching Madame C J Walker, no entrepreneur should have an excuse in trendsetting, disrupting markets, shattering ceilings, breaking ground and leading the way – without waiting in line. You may be interest in life and success quotes we had compiled on our website.
    H Emma |https://thextraordinarionly.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I wish it was longer. I couldn’t have said it better, there is no excuse in breaking ground and leading the way, especially now, there is space for everyone to thrive and shine.
      Thanks for sharing your insights and for reading Emma 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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