Black Business owners to look out for Today

One of the way the black community will gain the respect they are desperately looking for is by being economically free and powerful. By spending your money on a particular brand especially small businesses, you are not doing them a favor, you are getting the products or services you are looking for and at the same the person behind the brand get richer, can expand the business and uplift others as well. Your money is a powerful tool where and how you spend it should be important. I did some research and I wanted to know more black owned businesses around me. Today I am presenting to you 10+ black business owners to look out for in South Africa

10+ Black Business owners to look out for Today

1. Art and entertainment

Pro_Inventio is a Private company (PTY) LTD that was founded in September 2013 by Mr. Juresse Lokosha and currently managed by Mrs Sara Ngiesu Lokosha as the acting CEO. Our mission is to develop a strong and trustworthy relationship with our customers by providing best services at the best price.

Pro_Inventio is a creative services provider that specializes in online marketing, Software’s development, printing services and multimedia with a special touch in Wedding photography and Videography. Our technology, creative skills, business skills and experiences create our uniqueness and competitive edge. Visit their social media pages to find out more about them: YouTube , Facebook , Instagram

Artconscient is an idea from Eric M. Bakama, a young entrepreneur from Congo (DRC) residing in South Africa for almost a decade now. He initially came to pursue his higher education before initiating the business idea. He is a proud owner of a Masters degree in Operations Management at the University of Johannesburg which knowledge helped him to build his business.

Established in 2015, Artconscient is a clothing brand based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We provide unisex clothing apparel with unique designed. we aim to pass messages based on socio-political aspects of our daily lives artistically on our products while keeping your swag on. Our Moto: Know what you wear, because we have different messages on our products, choose the one that does not only speak to you but also the people around you. Visit their social media pages to find out more: Facebook, Instagram: Artconscient.

Musica Concordia was founded by Boris Afidu, executive director, holder of a master degree in software engineering from university of Johannesburg and works as an insurance specialist at ABSA. Members: Lionel Mwabile, tenor and director of group operations. Axel Ndidwa, bewildering and versatile tenor who is in charge of the finances. Nathan Muleba, amazing pianist and technical director of the group. Allan Barra, astounding flutist. Patricia Mugoli staggering soprano and group marketing manager. Florian Balagizi, an astounding bass, music director and copyright of the group, currently technical director of La voix des anges, a Catholic choir.

Musica Concordia, inspired from Latin, is harmony, litteraly with one heart; We therefore are the enmbodiement of one music based on humility and teamwork. We are an expression of a symbiosis between classical, African, modern music and slam. The group was formed in August 2018 for a live performance thus came the inception a group to perform at weddings, gala events, live shows etc. Visit their social media platforms: Facebook , Twitter

2. Beauty and Fashion

As the company name illustrates, Klary forms the entire name of the owner, which is Kumerita Lumana Arantxa. Arantxa is a talented, intelligent, ambitious, and determined young Congolese business owner and fashion design student who strives to make the best out of the gift she has. Arantxa was inspired since childhood by her Mum who had a great interest in fashion.

Klary Couture is a black-owned company that specializes in world fashion design trends with an additional specific African crossover touch. Klary Couture strives to build your look and enhance a timeless approach to fashion. We understand that your look is part of your personality, therefore Klary Couture brings on the table tools and expertise that sharpen your look.

NaturalSkinGlow was founded by Mbavhalelo Phuravhathu a Bsc holder in Natural Medicine and currently pursuing her 2 nd degree in Pharmacy III at the University of the Western Cape. She spent some time living abroad to further her education and explore different experiences of life. This birthed her love for adventure and eventually led to her adventure blog; Pumpkin Adventures. The blog is focused on budget travelling and highlighting the beauty of South Africa, Africa and eventually the world.

NaturalSkinGlow (NSG) is a skin care business established in 2019, it is known for its 100% natural ingredients and cruelty free practices. Currently on the market we have the NSG Oil intended to reduce appearance of dark marks and spots. Our oil is suitable for acne prone skin, in addition we have the NSG cream and our latest addition Shudu Lip Therapy. Shudu moisturizes and heals cracked lips.

Suki is founded by 3 sisters, born in DRCongo and bred in South Africa. They felt society had drawn a picture of an African woman that was nothing like an African woman. They started their own hair products range that catered for African hair. With aim not only to address the hair issues African women faced but redress and restore the African women’s confidence in her self-image.

Suki is a natural hair product, “made by naturals for naturals “ We aim to make every woman feel like a queen without having to pay a fortune for her crown. Our products are organically made with you in mind to meet your hair needs. If length, health, volume, curl, coils and an afro are your hair goals then trust Suki to give you exactly that. As they say “invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off”. Visit their social media platforms: Facebook , Twitter .

Project manager by profession, but Perfumer by passion. Pauline Willonja Kizanga, owner and perfumer of Perfume by Willo is a young black Congolese female entrepreneur that’s been in the perfume game for 3 years. She’s a go getter/hustler that’s not only driven by the passion for what she does but motivated by the fear of being average.

At Perfume by Willo we believe in quality and personal touch, I offer affordable products and experience for my clients and partners. Perfume by Willo, as the name says it, specializes in the manufacturing and supplying of perfume and cologne that caters for both men and women. At Perfume by Willo we give you the final touch to your outfit by providing you with an invisible accessory which is a great scent.

3. Fitness

EDM is basically our names (Emir, Darcy, Malec).We were doing fitness modeling and enjoyed what we were doing. But a lot of people, especially on Instagram and on campus were asking us bodybuilding tips (eg: how to get big, necessary steps for weight loss, how to diet, etc…) we tried as much as we could to give free tips but bodybuilding is a lifestyle so sometimes you need to make calculations and follow ups. For example, everyone need a specific type of workout and specific diet because we all have different type of bodies so it’s normal that we need different ways to workout.

EDM fitness is a group of fitness trainers who provide customized and flexible workout plans and diets plans. We are also sponsored athletes of nutricon supplements and our customers can get a 10% discount on all their orders by using the discount code: Edmfit. Visit their social media platforms: @e.d.m_fitness @darcy07 @emirlok_97 @lilitha_ilori @maleclokata @nutri_consa. See a related post about EDM Fitness Fitness routine

4. Food and beverage

Ben Lukusa a Congolese small businessman and electrician, Founder and owner of SMARTWTR .

SMARTWTR is brand of bottle water produced in Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa, using mineral water that is sourced from the Great Spring and has been bottled and made available for curative and increasingly for commercial purposes. Available in 330 ml, 500 ml, 700 ml, 1 litre, and 1.5 litters.

Kim’s food is owned Christian Kimbobe Ngoy who is an entrepreneur at heart. His Vision does not only lie in the food business but also in the entertainment business . From a young age Kim has always been serving his community through different initiatives. Kim is constantly motivated to reach his goals and give anyone he encounters on any business venture a job well done.

We are a catering and food delivery service operating in Pretoria, South Africa. We specialize in African food and at the core “Congolese dishes” is our specialty. We are committed to give our customers a great experience throughout ordering , delivery and eating our different dishes. Kim’s Food Catering , caters for almost any type of event and we firmly believe in customer satisfaction being our strongest point. We love people , we love the community and we are always at your service.

SM Distributions is owned by Sarah Palmi , a 25 years old born and raised in Kinshasa,Congo DRC. She moved to South Africa 10 years ago at the age of 15 and did her matric here and graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a BCom Accounting Degree. Joachim Lutangu a 25 years old, born and raised in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, moved to South Africa in late 2014 , he graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a project management degree. He is the co-owner of SM Distributions.

SM Distributions is a food delivery platforms that focuses on Congolese food. It was created in order to make it convenient for Congolese people living in South Africa to get goods from back home without having to drive long distances. Visit their social media pages: Facebook , WhatsApp

Daisy Moukendi , a Gabonese young lady of 22 years old and a Bcom law student , but also all the people who support her . She enjoys discovering new restaurants or participate in food and wine events as she is always looking for new flavors . Her love for baking and cooking comes from her mother , matching perfectly with her love for restaurants. One of her wish is to own a bakery or restaurant in few years , but also graduate with a LLM degree.

Yummy Margo is a bakery business created in 2018 . The aim of that business was first to provide home made cake with sugar paste, but since last year reoriented itself and is currently selling cupcakes , crepes (pancakes) and cakes freshly bake in their kitchen for birthdays and any type of event , their number cake is actually our best-seller.

Behind the talented team is lead baker and decorator from Pretoria Amanda Yenga
who has been baking from the age of 6 in her mother’s kitchen, creating desserts
and baked goods for the entire family. With a background in design ceramics and
studies in consumer science her love the Art was born.

Cake by Amz is your go to cake stop in Gauteng based in Pretoria; serving the local
and international community. Formally trading in 2016, the business is specializing
in wedding cakes, cupcakes birthday cakes, christenings, baby showers, bridal
showers, traditional and all other event cakes. We are not limited “if it can be
dreamt, it can be baked! “- Amanda. Visit their page: Facebook

Economic power will surely uplift the black community. What are some others black owned businesses you want to see featured on our next issue?

Till next time

Be yourself

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