Black Business owners to look out for today: part 2

We do not buy black business because we are against other businesses and we also do not want to continue with the stigma that we “only support black owned businesses because we want to do them a favor”. We buy from Black Businesses because we enjoy their products and services, the quality, the customer services and everything you are looking for when you want to make a purchase. You have probably read already Black Business owners to look out for Today: part 1. Today, I want to introduce to you more amazing business owners who are passionate about what they are doing and deliver on quality of their products and services. Grab a glass of water, wine or whatever and dive into Black Business owners to look out for today: part 2

Black Business owners to look out for Today

1. Beauty

Emily Olifant, 29, I was born and bred in the North West Province. I am currently a full-time Doctorate student in Biotechnology at the University of Johannesburg. I am passionate about natural skin care and my passion grew from my experience of struggling with acne and after so much time of trying to understand my skin, doing a lot of research, I found healing in natural products. It was when I decided to birth Emour skin care and help others find healing in the most natural way.

Emour natural skin care is a South African skin care brand that offers the finest and natural products that cater for problematic skin as well as maintaining healthier skin. The brand does not only offer skin care products but educate through social media platforms on how to take care of one’s skin as we aim to offer the best value, service and experience to everyone. Visit her social media platforms: Facebook

Minama is 100% owned by Afsana Pey SK who is based in South Africa. She has over
10 years’ experience in the beauty industry and is a serial entrepreneur. Initially, she owned a beauty spa known as Afsana beauty salon but now she has launched Minama which focuses on skin care products. Afsana Pey SK is also a wife and mother of three kids. She tried using various products for her skin but none of them could give her the desired outcome. Finally, when she found one, she decided to get into the skin care market to try and meet the needs of people who were experiencing the same challenges as her.

Minama is an organic skin line that has created a brand concept consisting of skin
analysis and skin treatments. We sell high end skin products to various customers. Within the skin care line we offer a wide array of high end products including scrubs, facial cleansers, Moroccan bath rituals, Eczema treatment, cosmetic argan oil, beard oil for men, glow oil, hair grow oil, skin supplements, Arabic face and body masks, anti-aging creams among other products. We believe our ability to create future product opportunities and growth will only be limited by our imagination and our ability to attract talented people who understand the concept of branding. Visit their page: Facebook: @Minamaskinline Phone no: +27633959617

I am Sibahle Ngqiva, a 24 year old from a small town in the Eastern Cape, Uitenhage. I graduated with a Entrepreneurship diploma from TUT in 2018. I am an artist and an entrepreneur. I founded and own True Scrubs, as well as a construction company. I also co-own a catering company. On the creative side, I am a writer, poet, essayist and a proud coffee connoisseur.

True Scrubs prides itself in homemade therapeutic essentials on a budget! We are passionate and promote affordable self care. We make products such as bath salts, foot soaks, body and foot scrubs. We strive to help our customers destress after a long day or just pamper themselves. With every product sold, we hope to encourage every customer to take care of themselves on every level and teach them how to. Visit her social media page: Facebook

2. Fashion and Design

The business is owned by Aurelie Kasongo, born in DRC and relocated to south Africa 10 years ago for her studies. I studied at the British international college from IGCSE to A level, studied financial services operations at the university of Johannesburg but did not finish,studied retail in fashion design and later did a fashion and styling.Today, I am a qualified fashion stylist and a Christian blogger.

BibiAfrica sells handmade African clothing in few countries around the world, we also sell African food in south Africa and we sell services such as online shopping here in South Africa for people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Let not forget that we are also involved into our community by sending at least one girl per year at school.

Noluthando Mpama is a Home Decor Stylist, Business advisor and Founder of DYS Luxury candles, she worked as a business advisor since 2014 and her craft began in 2016. She obtained a Diploma in Human Resources Management, Web design and a Degree in Economic Management Sciences. Places of study: Unisa, Torque IT and South West Gauteng College.

Design Your Space Luxury Candles is a (PTY) LTD that was founded in 11 November 2018 By Mrs Noluthando Mpama. Our mission is to provide our customers with Luxury fragrances for their homes and work space at affordable prices, our main focus is to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with our clients by providing steps on how to make your space beautiful and luxurious through our youtube channel @designyourspacebythando. Visit her social media platforms: Twitter , Facebook , YouTube

My name Tuka. I am a young African female originally from DRC but grew up in South African. I have been exposed to a lot of African cultures from a young age and this made me fall inlove with all the colors and art. I used to be a model and that is where my love for fashion come from. I decided to combine my love for fashion and African print to start my brand.

At TukaBijoux we believe that we don’t always have to wear African prints when it’s a special occasion ,prints are part of our African culture and there for I modernize it by bringing it into our everyday wear and accessories. TukaBijoux is a modern brand designed for the modern man and woman. we believe each individual is unique therefore most of our pieces are unique and limited .

3. Food

Konanani Tshilidzi Phandavhudzi, a 23 year old Business analyst (IT) at the bank with a passion for food production. Holds two degrees in Mathematical science from Medunsa.

Handmade by Kona is a handmade food production business. They make the most smooth handcraft mayonnaise in the country, tangy and thick with added preservatives.

Owned by three sisters passionate about good food. Josephat Kitangwa is the one who brought the idea of using the cooking passion that is in the family. She intends to further studies in the cooking industry. Divine Kitangwa is the one in charge of online platforms marketing wise. She uses her influence, knowledge and acquaintances in favor of the business. Abigael Kitangwa is the youngest. She cooks alongside her sisters and contributes with ideas on the menu making.

Kitangwa’s Kitchen is a food delivery company that was created in July 2019 by the Kitangwa sisters Josephat, Divine and Abigael to honor their father’s memory. Their passion for cooking started with their mother who used to cook various dishes and taught them. Their specialty is Congolese food especially POULET MAYO (Chicken Mayo), but we cook different types of food. They deliver our all around Pretoria and Johannesburg mostly and we look forward to expand further. Visit their page: Facebook , E-mail :, Cellphone number: +27670695226, +27812894099, +27618866414.

Sine Ndlela is the owner of Yococo and she is an ice cream lover and she wants to serve her purpose through Yococo.

Yococo is a dairyfree ice cream company and we are completely vegan friendly as well. We are an energy centred company and our core value is to serve love. Visit their other page: Twitter

4. Make up artists

Eliane Nyenyezi(Nyota) Mulinga is a master student at Wits University in the faculty of health sciences and a self taught make up artist.

Nyota Beauty is a makeup artist business based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We offer make up services to our beautiful clients depending on the occasion or event the make up is needed for.

Patricia Mugoli, Founder of Luminous beauty ,currently completing agricultural studies at Tshwane University of Technology. Smart though very young ,she is a challenge driven person. Originally from DRC in Bukavu ,she has been in South Africa for only two years yet she strives to make use of her talents in the most profitable way. Zilpah Wabenya Kyombi , Co-founder of Luminous Beauty, also from DRC precisely from Lualaba,she has been in South Africa for five years . She is completing her diploma In management
sciences at Tshwane University of technology. Deeply passionate about makeup, she intends to expand in the Beauty business and bring it back to her native home.

Luminous Beauty is a small makeup company that was created about a year ago.
We did not study art or anything beauty related, it came naturally to us and we embraced it , it’s a passion and that is what is pushing us to aspire for a bigger company with more to offer beauty wise. We provide unisex makeup for photo shoot, movies, music video clips, weddings, graduations, birthday and all other type of event suiting the clients need as long as it is in acceptable extends. Visit their page: Facebook , -E-mail :

Buying black is about creating wealth and opportunities in our own communities.

Till next time

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4 thoughts on “Black Business owners to look out for today: part 2

  1. Thank you so much for this opportunity Divine.Its do beautiful to read this.When I see all the others women I am just amazed.God bless us all to be able to do bigger things.

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Definitely a couple that I plan to look into. Looking forward to see who is in volume three! I believe it’s important to support black owned businesses because in many cases they do not have the ability or connections To share their information or to market. This however

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    1. Yes that’s absolutely true. They don’t have the space to showcase their amazing work and I believe that is what they need to boost their activities.
      Thanks for reading Margaret💕


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