Upgrade your circle of friends

Networking is not going anywhere, right now it is even more important than before. Connecting with more people and having a quality circle of friends will always help you when you need it the most. I have attended a number of networking events throughout 2019 and at the beginning, I used to just sit, listen to various speakers enjoy the food and go home until I started asking myself what was the point of attending those events when no one remembers your name and you don’t connect with anyone? The second half of the year, I tried my best to get out of my comfort zone and start connecting with at least 2 people at those events. Even since I tried that, I have been enjoying going to networking events. Networking can be extremely beneficial if it is done well. Before we dive into different ways to expand your social circle, it is important to know what kind of friend you want in advance , what kind of friends you want to hang out with, you might want to read 7 Amazing friends you should have in life

Now that you have read that, below I have made a list of different ways to expand your social circle or upgrade your circle of friends.

Different ways to expand your social circle or upgrade your circle of friends

1. Put yourself out there

Everyone has a story to tell. Tell tour own story. At networking event, nobody knows who you are unless you speak up and tell your story yourself. Unless you are the main speaker or a celebrity, no one knows who you are, get a little bit uncomfortable and start the conversation with someone. Create more connection and friends by consistently telling your own story, it is important to stay true to who you are to attract the right people. Changing who you are and your story according to people you talk to can only harm you and make you look like an untrustworthy person. Be and stay true to who you are when you are trying to network and make new friends.

2. Connect with connectors

Those people, the connectors, you need them in your corner. It is usually people who are outgoing, make fiends easily, know a lot of people and regularly host networking events. They are very open people and easier to talk to, they might not be interested in deep friendship but they love to get to know more interesting people from all industry to add to their circle. They always know someone who knows someone that might be able to help you or mentor you or are doing what you want to do or anything else. Those are great friends to have in life.

3. Join a community

Get involved in a community that has the type of people with want to be friends with. Being part of a community will give you the opportunity to be connected with amazing group of people with the same interests as you or have same ambitions. Those communities usually share their personal stories, failures, successes, tips and tricks on how they got where they are, it is usually a space where people genuinely help each other and want each of them to grow. You never know where this is going to lead, offer your own expertise and join the conversations and meet ups session. Join a community if you are also really to genuinely contribute, don’t just be a receiver, be a giver as well.

4. Meet new people

Not all the people you meet will become your friends and not all your current friends will be around forever. Try to meet new people constantly. The more years pass by, you outgrow your friends or they outgrow you and you outgrow your interests. Making new friends has never hurt anyone. Go to places where it is easy and appropriate to walk up to anyone and introduce yourself, places like trade shows, seminars, talks, cultural events etc.

5. Stay in touch on a regular basis

Staying in touch is important if you want your circle to remain active. Check on the people you have recently met, catch up with existing friends, connect on social media, remember their birthdays, their names, children or pets names if they have told you or you have personally met them. Be genuinely interested in keeping your friendship alive. Call, text, plan a coffee date, shopping, zoom meting or volunteer together. However remember not to do too much and invade their own privacy.

The best part about building a relationship is that whatever you put in comes back to you. In the end build relationships that are honest, sincere and of value to both parties.

What are some others ways you can expand your social circle?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

12 thoughts on “Upgrade your circle of friends

  1. Communication is an art which does not come easily to most …more so making polite face to face conversation with strangers or celebrities…thats why social platforms are so popular ..because there you can say whatever and get away by hiding behind a fake identity….but what matters is putting a face to the ghost…walking up and expressing what you feel face to face ..


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