9 things the Black community should unlearn: Part 3

Unlearning is harder than learning but don’t be discouraged if you fail back with old habits. You need to keep moving forward and try again. Remember that the ability to unlearn and relearn and change yourself is a super power. The last part of the long series on 9 things the Black community should unlearn. Before diving in the last part of this, make sure you have read 9 things the Black community should unlearn: Part 1 and 9 things the Black community should unlearn: Part 2 .

9 things the Black community should unlearn: Part 3

7. If you don’t go to school you will ruin your life

I don’t know where this is coming from and why in the 21 century people still believe that going to school is the key to success. Let’s pause here and think about how many graduates do you know have a job straight after graduation? How many people with masters and PHDs are still struggling to get their lives together. Although education you get from school is crucial and essential, SELF EDUCATION is even more important. Educating yourself everyday will increase your chance of success. Many people have made a fortune through self education and only got their masters and PHDs after becoming millionaire. Funny enough most of people think that education stop the day you graduate, that is a lie and a trap we must avoid failing into. Even after school, keep learning and feeding your mind. If you have just graduate and unemployed, keep on educating yourself. It is so common to see people with psychology degree venturing in properties, people with master in architecture starting their own restaurant. At the end of the day, do what sparkle your heart, a successful life is a happy life doing what you love. Unlearn that education stop the day you leave school, unlearn that not going to school will ruin your life.

8.” You are acting white”

Yet another common thing you will hear again and again in the black community. speaking perfectly English, French or any foreign languages: why are you acting white? Eating pap with knife and fork: why are you acting white? Wanting to be vegan: why are you acting white? Being smarter than most family member: they call you our white kid. We have been taught that certain things are for a certain skin color and because I am black I am not supposed to be doing those things. aspiring to go to the moon: why are you acting white? In some communities even simple things like jogging every morning or going to the gym people perceive it as acting white. This automatically tells a black child that they can’t do certain things or aspire to take certain careers paths just because it is not what black people do. Yes it is not common in the black community but what if your child will be the first black person in that industry? Constantly reminding children: why are they acting white unconsciously push others to give up on their dreams, change the way they talk, the way they dress just to fit in and be accepted in the community and be like everyone else.

It is important to remember that nothing should be associated with a particular skin color. There are millions of black people doing amazing things around the world because they have understood that it is possible and just because I am black should not be an excuse to abandon my dreams just because no black person has ever done it. If you want to be vegan so be it, if you want to go to the moon so be it, if you are the only one in the family who want to fight against animal mistreatment so be it. You are allowed to do and be whatever you want, break mental barriers and unlearn that certain things are only for a particular skin color. You are not being or acting white by wanting to do something people in your community aren’t used to. It is time to unlearn that intelligence is associated with a skin color. Free yourself from that.

9. Black owned doesn’t mean discounted or cheap

When we think about black owned we think bargain, cheap, free or discounted price. It is common to see black people buying from black business asking for discount or take something on credit just because we are ‘brothers or sisters from different mothers”. This is a really important thing to unlearn, if it is too expensive for you, you are not the target market, go buy what you can afford and pay full price for. Never ever have you seen people going to Louis Vuitton, Prada or Gucci and asking for discount, you either pay full price or go where you can afford. If you really want it, wait until you can afford it and buy it. To all black business owners, stop minimizing your work, products and services, add value on it and stop giving your hard work for free or at discounted prices in the name of friendship. You are devaluing your own work. The unlearning process has to be done both ways.

It is also important to remember that, when purchasing for a black owned business, you are not doing them a favor or doing charity, you are purchasing a product or a service you need, that is why you are entitle to receive good customer service and if you are not satisfied you have the rights to raise your concerns. We should also stop covering up for those black owned businesses going around and scamming people. Yes you might have had a bad experience when buying from black owned business but don’t generalize there are amazing black owned brands doing amazing things out there.

The illiterate of this century won’t be those who can’t read and write but those who can’t unlearn lies (bad habits, beliefs) forced fed to them. Unlearn everything that isn’t helping you grow today

After reading all the 3 parts of this series, what is the first thing you thing the black community should unlearn first?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

7 thoughts on “9 things the Black community should unlearn: Part 3

  1. My favorite volume of them yet! I particularly favor number 7! I am not against formal education, I just don’t think it’s for everyone. I am all about self-development and experience, it cannot be priced. I wish everyone would just unlearn, and stop teaching, that an actual school is needed to learn about life. Only life can teach you about life, so start paying attention and rolling the risk dice. It’s not going to be easy but it will pay off in the future. There is no point of going into debt for a piece of paper, if that piece of paper is something that is not needed, or will not help, your vision of success! Thank you Being Yourself for this post, extremely heart touching and pass needed!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will also agree with you on the fact that self development can’t be priced nor life experience. Learning has to go beyond school, we need to constantly improve ourselves and grow. And yes school isn’t for everyone.
      Thank you for sharing your insights and reading 😊


  2. All the things that you mentioned are really important for us to unlearn, I will mention the following first just because I feel more connected to them: First is to think that a certain tribe(group) is better than an other , simply because that myths brings a huge division, while we need unity to prosper. Unlearn that having “money” is witchcraft , because there is a jealousy sprit behind that thought, and with jealousy no one will be able to prosper. Be happy that your friend has something that you do not have, and work hard to get what you want to have. Unlearn that certain things are only associated with certain race. I would have love however for you to mention “culture” I don’t know if it is wrong but by , in my opinion we should not be doing whatever we feel comfortable doing because maybe some white people are doing it . I hope I am making sense. briefly coping “white ” culture while ignoring our own isn’t very wise, or smart. Thanks for sharing these.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you mentioned copying white culture while ignoring our own is very wrong. This in itself should be a topic to discuss in details because a lot of people are detaching themselves from their roots without even realizing it.
      Thanks for your great input. I love reading your opinions and thoughts Rose 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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