Tolokazi Beer and food pairing

It’s comon to hear and see wine and food pairing but beer and food pairing remains unheard of. Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a beer and food pairing at the Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry school

Tolokazi beers review

Tolokazi beer “the new kid in town” is a female owned brewery based in Rooderpoort, Johannesburg. Owned by a passionate Brewster Apiwe Nxusani. The event was hosted at the JHB Culinary and Pastry School and the goal of the event was to help save the industry and future chefs. All the dishes were designed and realized by chef Bulelwa Princess Mbonambi and her students.

Apiwe the Brewster, bulelwa princess, JHB Culinary and pastry school, Tolokazi beer ownee

It was a five course meal and each meal was paired with a different Tolokazi beer

Tolokazi beer review

First course was called Farm and Fermentation paired with Apple Nectar. One of my absolute favorite, the taste of the drink was absolutely great, the meal consisted of Aubergine bacon kimchi with avocado Yoghurt and delele

Second course was Ocean Preservation and Raw paired with Tolokazi Hibiscus beer. Tuna tar tare with salted egg, pineapple, strawberry and coriander salad

Third course called Bush slow cooking and Rehydration paired with Tolokazi Lager. The drink was bold and daring, not too hard not too soft. You will have to taste it to decide. The dish consisted of venison Wellington with wild mushrooms duxell rehydrated morogo and tomato.

Fourth course called Molacular Gastronomy paired with Jane Doe. The citrus/ lemony taste was a win, really loved this drink and it and went really well with the dish. Cereal crips with lime and coconut and carrots foam

Fith course was a treat by Kees Beyers chocolatiers, their delicious treat was paired with Pineapple Cider, couldn’t get enough of this pineapple drink. The drink was used to make a kind of pineapple foam which was succulent with this piece of cake

The overall experience was amazing and I absolutely loved tasting new flavors and meeting amazing people.

Till next time

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