Book review: Healing the soul of a woman by Joyce Meyer

One of the best decision I have made this year was to follow my curiosity and read this amazing book by Joyce Meyer. I used to think this book was only for women who have been through physical trauma, little did I know reading this book changed the way I see myself and people around me in a better way. Healing the soul of a woman is a guide on how to overcome your emotional wounds. The book dives deeper into Joyce’s storh and the journey of healing for all women. Each chapter guides you through whatever obstacles may be holding you back to find your true destiny as God’s beloved. She keeps on emphasizing that God can HEAL ALL PAIN and that’s absolutely true.

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Experience makes what we say worth listening to. Learning all you can about yourself will help you become your true self. Your thoughts should dwell on the changes you want to see not the circumstances around you. Don’t stop on the way, go all the way through. Don’t park at your pain, you need to move on from that place
Plan on an amazing life in which you do amazing things. Now you can sit at the table and eat with the King. Start receiving your blessings because you deserve it through Jesus Christ. God want to bless you because of Jesus sake. You are worth it. Your past doesn’t matter. Its time to stop blaming your past and use it as an excuse for current problem you have. You can’t be pitiful and powerful, you need to make a choice. There are things about yourself you need to accept and live with it, if you are taller than you wish you were, you have to accept it, you can’t change that. It’s part of you, your identity, your uniqueness

No matter how many people admire you and look up to you if you don’t love yourself you will never be happy. When helping someone start destroying you, you need to stop. Your goal should be to control yourself, not people not situation but yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the better you make others feel about themselves. Pick your pain, temporary pain of progress or eternal pain of staying the same. When your cellphone isn’t working you waste no time and go exchange it but why are you keeping up with a lifestyle that isn’t working?

This book will make you fall in love with yourself again, re align your way of thinking and guides you through the destiny God has planned for you.

Till next time

Be Yourself

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