Lessons from the book: The power of Habit

Transforming a habit isn’t necessarily easy or quick and it isn’t always as simple as we think. I have recently read the book by Charles Duhigg: The power of habit. Why we do what we do and how to change.

The power of habit review, how to change habit, charles duhifgg

As long as the right cues are present, people always repeat the same habits. Even though they do not understand why they are doing what they do. Cues can be anything from visual trigger to certain places a sequence of thoughts or presence of particular people. We might not remember the experiences that create our habits but once they are lodged within our brains they influence how we act often without us realizing it.

Habits sometimes occur without our permission. They are so strong and shape our lives far more than we realize. As habits grow, we are blind to our ability to control them. There are mechanisms that can help us ignore temptations but to overpower the habit, we must recognize which craving is driving our behavior. Almost any habit or behavior can be changed and transformed.

How to change our bad habits?

To change your habits you need to provide, start new routines. But firstly it’s important to be aware of the sensation that precede your habit. You can shift your mindset, you just have to be willing to do so. Genuine change requires work and self understanding of the cravings driving behaviors, it requires determination. Understanding your habit won’t make it magically disappear. But it will give you a way to plan how to change the pattern

There are no step by step guidelines on how to eradicate or get rid of a habit. However it’s important to remember that habits can be changed. One should believe change is possible and look for group support if need be. If you really want to change a habit, find an alternative routine to what you are used to.

It’s important to remember that self discipline will be your greatest ally. It has bigger effect than intellectual talent. Once you have identified what triggers your bad habits and the reward you gain from behaving the way you do, you can start making plans to change those habits. Obviously it’s important to remember that habit do not change overnight but this can be a start. Some habits are easier to change and some others take week, months and even longer to get rid of.

The most important thing is to start. What works for one person might not work for you. Changing habits is a personal journey

Are you being yourself?

Till next time

Be Yourself

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