Q&A with DIY Yolande: “Power Tools have No Gender”

I use Instagram mostly to get inspired and be a source of inspiration myself. I have recently been following an amazing woman on the platform. At first it was because she was doing DIY and I love DIY but slowly I realized that she was doing more than just DIY videos. She inspires her followers, community to follow their passions, she is such a joyful person, encouraging women that we can do it that power tools have no gender and everyone can use it and we shouldn’t see them as belonging to a particular gender. I am grateful to feature her on today’s post.

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Q&A with DIY Yolande: “Power tool have no gender”

1. Tell us a little more about yourself. Who is Yolande?

Yolande Ntsele is 28 years old, I am very bubbly and outspoken  Zulu women, from KwaZulu Natal. I love ribs, seafood and chicken feet. I have been married to my  best friend for 2 years. I enjoy working with power tools, I spend majority of my weekends doing so. My favorite power tool is a drill.

2. Where does your passion for DIY come from?

It stems back from my childhood, when my late grandfather would ask me to assist him with doing things around the house.I believe that is where the seed of DIY stems from. The very first power tool I held in my hand was a drill, so I guess that explains why I love it so much.

3. Do you believe that it is important to invest in your passion/ hobby? Why?

Yes I believe it very important, investing on your passion, is investing in yourself. It crucial to also position your passion/hobby as a way of generating passive income, this way it brings you joy doing it but also has monetary remuneration, which is key in the current economic climate.

4. “Power Tools Have No Gender” tell  us more about this?

There is an unfortunate and intentional misconception, that women don’t use  power tools. Further to this, as an African women it a taboo to do “handyman” work. So I wanted to create a catchphrase that debunked that MISCONCEPTION. A catchphrase that was clear on what brand “DIY Yolande” stands for and is. It was really downloaded from heaven, during my prayer time.

5. Have you ever faced any failures, challenges and obstacles while pursuing your passion? How did you overcome them?

YES I HAVE, A LOT. The best thing you can ever do for yourself and well being is to be honest with yourself, ask yourself what can you do?  and not do about the situation? What helps me, is responding to these questions, it helps put things into perspective. We tend to worry and stress ourselves out over things we cannot change.  So how I overcome, is accepting the things I cannot change and changing those that I can.

6. How do what you have been through helped you become the amazing woman you are today?

I am a Christian, so I draw a lot of help, courage from prayer and worship. Praying and worshipping has never failed me.

7. If you could change one thing in this world what would it be? Why?

I would change how we pre-judge people without knowing them and give out LOVE. I believe judging comes from a place of hate. I know that sounds harsh, but really, think about it, when you judge a person its based from something you don’t like about them, so I would definitely shower the world with LOVE!!! Love comes to easily, love is so gentle and kind, Love is honest.

DIY Yolande biography, Yolande Ntsele biography

8. What advice would you give to someone who look up to you?

I would advise them to draw qualities that they like from me and NEVER TRY to be like me. We should never try to be someone else, but rather learn from others so we can be BETTER VERSIONS OF OURSELVES!!!.

9. What does Being yourself mean to you?

It means being REAL! Say what you want, do what you want and most importantly don’t accept something that you are uncomfortable with, that to me is being yourself.

You can connect with her on her socials: Instagram , YouTube , Facebook

Till next time

Be Yourself

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