Things I have learnt during lockdown

The Ongoing pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, from adapting to online learning to working from home, from online date night to virtual weddings and parties. We have survived more than 100 days not visiting and physically hold our family and friends. The positive side of this lockdown is all the amazing lessons I have learned.

Lessons learned during lockdown

7 Things I have learnt during lockdown

1. Take nothing for granted, be grateful for everything

Yes take nothing for granted. During lockdown, everyone recognize all the little things in life we didn’t pay attention to from the most simple things like sitting at a coffee shop, going for a walk at the park were luxuries and not allowed. I even missed seeing people smile at the mall and kids running around the bloc freely. Nothing is ever guaranteed, you can have the most expensive health insurance, the most amazing job and everything you have ever wanted and in a matter of months loose everything. Be grateful for everything and take nothing for granted.

2. Plans can change without prior notice and you need to adapt

2020 the new decade, lot of us had diaries full of goals to achieve every weeks, days, months and ultimately make 2020 a great year. But the lockdown has changed and put on hold a lot of things. A number of people simply gave up on everything since they couldn’t achieve their goals. Many lost their jobs, their sources of income, their normal way of living, people were destabilize even those with back up plans because nobody on earth could predict the consequences of the health crisis in their lives on the 31 December 2019 when finalizing the plan plan for the year ahead. My plans also changed, yes it was frustrating and I couldn’t achieve my travel goals. Plans changed, what we thought were priorities turned out they weren’t that important. We have no control over our plans even if we think we do. This time allowed us to really think about our priorities.

3. Saving for rainy days will save you trouble

It is funny how some people believe that saving for rainy days is hold fashion, like “why are you planning for the rain while the sun is shining outside?” Whether you believe it or not having an extra saving should be part of you. You will never know when all your source of incomes will stop coming in, when you will need a certain amount of money as quickly as possible. During lockdown, lot of people lost their jobs, some weren’t paid cause they were not working. People with family to feed, school fees to pay, install fast internet connection to work properly from home and attend online classes. While some of us decided to start baking our own bread and cut some of our expenses, others had to took loans to cover the new unforeseen expenses to be able too adapt to the new way of living. You don’t have to know when the rain is coming to start saving. Just start saving.

4. Taking breaks and taking things slow are important

I have learned that not everything has to be done and done now now. Take time to explore, learn and fully be present. You will feel happier, take time to appreciate already what you have and while working towards achieving your goals, you will feel happier and more fulfil.

5. Less is more

During this period, I found myself buying only what I really needed and actually going to use less is more. Most of the receipe I tried were done with ingredients I had in my cupboard and I ate what I had in my fridge. Meaningful relationships didn’t fade away, we kept in touch and check on each other. Friendship that were about to die really died and we lost touch. The lockdown taught me with less we can do so much more.

6. Knowing why you feel the way you feel is important

Constant happiness is unrealistic and you should let your emotions be. When you feel sad, anfry, hurt rather than just trying to distract yourself from that, you need to acknowledge your emotions and understand whyyou feel the way you feel to get to the root cause of your emotions and proactively find a way to heal. It is okay to feel soome type away sometimes.

7. Patience is a virtue you must possess

The lockdown has really tested our patience. It has turned out wer are capable of so much more. We could go months without going on holidays, without that pause at that coffee shop, without seeing friends and family. I have learnt to be more patience.

Judge each day by the seeds you plant not by the harvest you reap

What have you learnt during lockdown? How was your lockdown experience?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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