7 lessons I have learnt in varsity

Going to university has always been part of the plan for me. As a recent graduate (see related post: Memo of a recent graduate ), I am now finding myself thinking about the good old days and everything that has happened during my under grade studies . Here are 7 lessons I have learnt in Varsity.

Lessons learned from varsity, varsity years, Monash university lifestyle

7 lessons from varsity

1. Question everything you learn and know

I have always been that person who need to do more research, need more explanation and tangible proof before doing something or take something as the sole truth. Everything can be learn and unlearn and there is always more than one way to do things. Maybe that is why I chose to do social science because there is never a single answer or opinion to one question. being in this field taught me to always question everything, come up with new ways of thinking, stay up to date with everything happening in the world. Adjust, refocus, unlearn, think outside the box, ask questions and stay curious. There are a lot of things to be discovered and learned.

2. You can do whatever you want

No one is there to tell you what you should wear or who to be friend with. Actually, you are absolutely free to do whatever you want and fully assume the consequences of your choices. Going to university means for many being independent: living alone, being in charge of your time, money, health and everything. No one will force you to study until you get up yourself and do the right thing. No one will tell you to go for a check up when you are not feeling well, it is your choice to make. I have learnt quickly to be responsible of myself and get my priorities straight.

3. What people think of you don’t really matter

What people think of you, how you should dress, or how you should behave don’t really matter. Some of those people you won’t even remember their names few years after varsity, do not let people dictate your life, do not try to impress people or try to be the coolest person around the block because nobody cares and chances are people aren’t even looking. So what people think of you doesn’t really matter. Do what bring you the most joy and peace, you are enough, you are worth it. What you think about yourself is what matter the most. I have learnt to stand up and assume who I am, trust and believe in myself a little more everyday and trust in my abilities to create my dream life.

4. Embracing new culture is always exciting

Being a forgein student, I had to learn and adapt to the new country, the new city, the new suburb, the new language, the new way of doing things, the new culture and obviously the new way of teaching which is different from high school. I was fortunate enough to be in a multicultural university. I had lecturers from Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Australia, United Kingdom, and some other part of the world. I also had classmates from all over Africa and when it came to doing group work, we had to consider each other difference and find a way to make it work . the best time of the year I was always looking forward to was Africa Day. It was a huge celebration where everyone would come dressed in their traditional attire or something that represents their country of origin and the mix of everything was always beautiful to watch. The best part was trying out all the various dishes from across the world. I have tasted Ethiopian food, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Indian Zambian dishes, Tanzanian cuisine, South African dishes, Moroccan as well and of course us, Congolese were always generous with the food. Since then, after Congolese cuisine my favorite cuisine is Nigerian, I think i am addicted to their food. Learning from other cultures will always open your mind and you will judge people less.

5. Being a smart shopper will always save your life

I remember on the first day of my marketing class back in 2017, the prof told us: To see how rich you are, imagine how your life will loo like if the person who finance your studies/ life stops right now.” Just think about it. I still remember my facial expression on that day, I think that was the day I realized how important it was to always have multiple sources of income and be smart about my finances. I have learned to pick up good financial habits that I still use till today (see related post 7+ tips to start living below your means) I have never regret my choices of living below my means, budgeting, saving and creating other source of income for myself. My saving have been handy and have helped me launched most of my projects.

6. Never judge people by their covers

Another lesson I have learnt in varsity is never judge people by their cover. You might feel at first that you should only hang with the most popular, the smartest people in class or the ones that can help you get invited to the hottest parties on campus. Never underestimate any of your classmate, you might be studying with the next president of the republic or your future employer or your investor. Attending classes is not the only thing people do at University. A lot of people have amazing lives outside of that, people who can introduce you to people who can secure you a job after you have graduate. I have always been the last one to find a team for group work but always the go to person when someone needed a pen or a snack cause I always had extra snacks just in case. Funny enough today, a number of my old classmates have been reaching out to me to ask for advice or try to help their family members who are passionate about blogging and digital marketing. That life people you never know when you will need someone. You will also meet your lifetime soulmate or friends who will become family

7. You will never stop learning

Even after University, there are still a lot to learn, keep on feeding your brain with everything you are passionate about and never stop learning.

What lessons have you learnt from varsity?

Till next Sunday

be Yourself

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