Lethabo Joy Estate: Romantic picnic spots

If you are a picnic lover you know how important it is to have beautiful scenery and change spots whenever you are celebrating special occasions but still want to have a picnic feel. I might have discovered something that you will love

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I visited the beautiful Lethabo Joy Estate less than a hour drive outside of Johannesburg. It was a special occasion so the picnic had to be a little extra special and this Estate was the ideal choice. They offer a variety of different picnic packages to choose from a simple picnic set up to the most luxurious picnic in nature and on the river bank.

The most complicated thing was to choose a spot as I wanted to try them all. I ended up choosing the Aphrodite Luxury picnic spot. A romantic picnic in a cave like spot on the river bank. It was on a rainy day (I know picnic on a rainy day) and the spot really felt like having fine dining in a cave and it was even more romantic

Aphrodite luxury picnic lethabo joy estate

The package included everything. Champagne, drinks, the first basket with starters, the second had the main course with a mouthwatering chicken that chicken was everything I made sure I complimented the lady who set up everything twice. Also the dessert basket with a smooth and delicious chocolate cake

Lethabo estate riverside menu

And of course everything was well thought of and the spot had a suspended, Moroccan style bed with great view on the river. You literally feel like you are alone in the wood.

The overall experience was amazing and I will definitely visit the estate again for another picnic experience

Till next time

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