Traveling during a Pandemic: Travel diary

Let’s start by agreeing and say traveling locally during this pandemic was hard but traveling outside the country during this pandemic was even harder and stressful. To travel outside the country the most important document to have is a negative Covid19 test and filling at least two other documents for tracking purposes just in case. Carrying your own pen and arriving at least 4 hours before your flight will save your life and avoid running around like a mad person

Traveling during a pandemic, Capetown girls trip

Visiting the Mother City

Visiting Cape Town for the first time in December was one of the most incredible experiences I have had so far. The city is ideal for holidays, it is easy to get lostin the beautiful scenery it has to offer. I had the chance to celebrate my 25th birthday with the girls in the Mother City

Living in Camps Bay was the obvious choice for us as we heard a lot about this area, plus we wanted to be close to the beach. We stayed at Oceana and the apartment has an incredible view of both the ocean and the mountains

The city had beautiful restaurants with great views. We loved eating out. We visited Tiger Milk, Bengalow, Chinchilla all health protocols were respected. Amazing decor but sometimes we were divided about the food, talking for myself OMG I loved whatever I ordered.

For the birthday dinner we opted for a fancier restaurant which we had to book in advance. Utopia, situated on the 15th floor it had a 360 degree view of the City. The ambiance, the food, the service were excellent and we had an amazing evening

Utopia dinner elevate, Utopia Capetown town, 360 view of Cape Town, Dinner in Capetown, romantic spot in Capetown

Camps Bay beach was our favorite spot. People often complain about the moody weather of Cape Town but we were so lucky during our week in the City the weather was so cooperative and we really had fun exploring the city and take amazing pictures.

The waffle house by the port V&A Waterfront. Can we start talk about those Belgium waffle with fresh strawberries and maple syrup? You need to try that for yourself. We rode the ride, visited local clothes market, food market and the aquarium as well

We couldn’t just be in Cape Town and not go to Table mountain and see the world from above. It was breathtaking.

Can you even go to Cape Town and not doing a Sunset cruise? We loved being on the sea and think about nothing, just being there and watching the Sun set drinking champagne. It was a relaxing experience and a beautiful way to end our trip.

Kolwezi, Lubumbashi, Likasi, things to do in Katanga, restaurants in Lubumbashi, restaurant in Kolwezi,

Going back home

Traveling outside of the country was even more frustrating, I had to go through the uncomfortable but necessary Covid-19 test. After all the stress of traveling and nightmare at the airport, filling up papers, queuing for hours almost missed my flight. Yeah I was the last one to get in the plane. I think that day was a bad day everyone was traveling and you know people were working from home and only 2 immigration officers were there

Being finally home made me forget about all that and I had a blast with my family. I had a great festive seasons exactly like I planned it on my vision board the previous year.

I visited Lubumbashi, Likasi and Kolwezi. Those three cities are growing at different rates. My favorite was Kolwezi, in the Lualaba province. It’s a fast growing city with so much potential and a number of things you could do. We my sister and I stayed at the unique and upmarket Kolwezi Lodge Hotel. The hotel offers top quality service you find in your own country maybe even a little more. The breakfast is included in the price and the variety of food for breakfast we thought we were in the wrong venue. From pure Congolese breakfast like rice with milk to your french croissant, pain au chocolat, waffles and all. They also had almost 7 different kind of tea and coffee to choose from. You could literally and easily compose your own English breakfast, vegetarian dish and an actual lunch to eat on the go.

Kolwezi Lodge Hotel, Lualaba hotel, Hotel in Kolwezi

Of course I visited different restaurants and every time I fall for their local fish called Lualaba. Visit King and Crab, GPM and Kampi ya Boma.

King and Crab Kolwezi, Katebi, Lualaba Lodge

Lubumbashi you have probably heard about this is a growing city as well, lot of restaurants and activities to do you just need to pay attention and be willing to go on adventure. I visited my grandma favorite restaurant Bush Camp, visited the new trendy Maison de la Crêpe (Pancake house) and went to the heart of goat meat professional Kamalondo (If you find yourself in Lubumbashi please visit the area and ask for Mitshopo)

Maison des crêpes Lubumbashi, Papparoti, Lubumbashi Hypnose

The different between Lubumbashi and Kolwezi is that the first is crowded growing extremely fast, lot of young entrepreneurs and creative people wanting to have their piece of cake and everyone wanna live in the same area while Kolwezi is open also growing at a normal rate, not too many creatives and entrepreneurs, there is space and opportunities to just do or be anything you want

Being home after so many years was eye opening and refreshing at the same time. Lot of things have changed but yet most of the things were still so familiar. If you want to see more pictures of my travel diary visit my Instagram account Selflovies_society I have highlighted each city I visited

Have you tried traveling during this time?

Till next Time

Be Yourself

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