Feel good activities to Try while social distancing

Doing feel good activities can really improve your mood, make you feel good about yourself and even boost your confidence. The current state of the world has made it hard to have our usual fun activities, mostly outdoors activities which involve gathering with people, going to the movies, concerts, theme park, beaches etc. However this doesn’t mean we can’t reinvent how we have fun and adapt. Here is a list of feel good activities to try out today.

Feel good activities to try while social distancing, feel good activities to try today

Feel good activities to try while social distancing

  1. DIY Projects. My ultimate favorite and it can be any projects. It can be a simple project like painting a pot, making your own plant holder and redecorating your room to more complex projects like making your own coffee table etc. It’s a fun activity to do alone or with a group of friends or join a virtual DIY club and have fun
  2. Buble bath. More than just a normal bath, it’s a therapy for me it’s part of my life. I never comprise on my solo long bubble bath
  3. Virtual/ Phisical dance classes. Take a dance class, lot of dance schools offer virtual classes most of the time they are free you just have to register. Why not learn new moves while having fun at the same time? Or go for a physical class. Dance schools that are open follow strict health protocols and you are also responsible to take care of yourself
  4. Go for a run or a walk. It has been proven that it helps you relax, boost your mood and it’s good for your general health and body
  5. Volunteer your time. Especially now, there is always someone somewhere who need extra help with someone. Offer your help
  6. Plan your next holiday. There are thousand of places you’ve never been. Do some researches on places you want to visit, what do you need to get there, what time of the year do you imagine yourself there, how many months of saving do you need to afford that holiday? PS: this is creating your vacation vision board, try it out and see bow wanting something, planning and working towards it can make the dream come true.
  7. Play a board game with family or friends, if you don’t have one, ask the neighbors. If you’re too shy, play a virtual game
  8. Spend time with your family. Learn a new skill together or just do whatever you want
  9. Spend money on someone else. It will make you happier, like buying a gift for someone, put a smile on their faces you will feel good about it
  10. Go for a swim
  11. Plan a picnic in the garden
  12. Try a new recipe, make a fancy diner at home
  13. Make no plan for the day and be guided by your intuitions. Leave space for surprises
  14. Start carrying for plant. Start your own plant family, yes people are actually having fun carrying for indoor plants, painting them and giving them names. Plus those plants add that extra thing to the room. Try it out
  15. I have recently started painting and I am enjoying every single moment. Besides it helps you focus and relax at the same time. When painting I am in my own world

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What others activities are you up to those days?

Till next Sunday

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4 thoughts on “Feel good activities to Try while social distancing

  1. Thanks for sharing these! I love diy projects , but been running out of ideas! I will definitely try some of these, but bubble bath is definitely what I will try first , I’ve seen you doing it and it seems to be so relaxing

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