How to overcome seasonal depression

Have you ever had a seasonal depression? It’s more common than we might think. Seasonal depression often coincide with the shift of seasons when hormones and moods are up and down. It also refers to a mild depression happening at specific moment period in your life. This might be the anniversary of a traumatic event, trying to adapt to a new environment, struggling to find employment, facing sickness, changing lives etc.

How to overcome seasonal depression, overcoming depression

Seasonal depression is faced by many people than we can imagine. People around you might be going through that without you even noticing. I have personally went through that and I thought I should share what I know on the subject and how I was able to overcome that. Few days ago I did quick yes or no question on the subject on my social media platforms and more than 70% of my community voted yes they have experienced seasonal depression at some point in their lives.

Before diving into the subject and talking about ways to overcome seasonal depression it’s important to first look at common signs of seasonal depression. Finding yourself constantly sad, increase alcohol consumption, feeling down, crying for no reason, avoiding people, spending your day doing nothing, no longer interested in what you used to love, being mean for no reason or having dark thoughts. You might be going through seasonal depression and doing nothing to get out of this stage can have consequences.

How to overcome seasonal depression

Write down your thoughts

Write down everything that going on in your head. It can help boost your mood as you get some of your negative feelings out of your system. Often when I write what going on in my head it helps me get clarity and really understand how I feel and why I feel that way. Most of the time, burning those thoughts written on papers helps me to let go off those thoughts as constantly seeing them serve no purpose. It might work for you as well or not but try writing all your negative feelings and burn those papers

Talk to someone

Don’t just talk to anyone. Talk to someone you trust, someone who is a good listener, someone who can help you unfold what going on with you and how to guide you through this phase. Some days it will be hard to even find words to describe what’s going on but surely the person you talk to can help you put words to your feelings. It’s important to also remember that you can talk to a professional whose well equipped to guide you through those difficult time.

Overcoming seasonal depression, seasonal depression

Pray about it

As a Christian, prayer has always played an important role in my life. It helped you get closer to God and believe that you are not alone even though no one get what you are going through you know God is with you. Having a strong faith has always helped me believe that better days are coming, there is still hope and God will never forsake you. When you feel a certain type away run to God, pray about it. A number of people on my social media platforms also said praying and having faith have played a huge role in overcoming their seasonal depression.

Go get some sunshine

Don’t isolate yourself, go outside get some sunshine, exercise, go for a walk in the park, go for a run. Do whatever you can to get moving it will boost your mood. I enjoy going for long walk alone and see life going on around me like kids running around, people laughing and eating it always lift my spirit and see life is worth living and there are do many things to be grateful for.

Take a weekend away

If your finances allows, take a weekend away from your environment. Go visit family, friends or go for a solo weekend to wherever you want. Do what you have never done, try something new, you will feel more alive, you will feed your mind with new thoughts.

Depression isn’t always dark rooms and crying endlessly. Sometimes it’s getting up, going to work smiling, laughing all day and coming home to sit quietly doing nothing until you sleep. Don’t wait until it’s too late, talk about it, pray, try to do what you enjoy, visit family and friends and most importantly seek professional help.

Have you ever went through seasonal depression? How did you overcome that?

Till next Sunday

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4 thoughts on “How to overcome seasonal depression

  1. I love the topic and content you’re providing here, it’s so easy to slid into shame or guilt when going through it and I have certainly been there but I love your tips because they are real and true. I remember at the time I felt inadequate and I downloaded two apps that truly changed the game for me. The first was WYSA which is free therapy and if you want like expert therapist then you can pay . There is also SOULTIME as a Christian too , I found it life-changing because I could track my mood shamelessly and be honest with where I was at and it also provided me with meditations and more biblestudy plan to get closer to god as well as sleeping soft music. But the true healing was journaling and blogging.
    So if you’re going through it know that you are not alone!

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    1. Yes seasonal depression is more common than we think and there is no shame about that. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and those apps. Surely someone will need that 💜
      And yes you are not alone and there is no need to isolate yourself. Talk about it.

      Thank you so much for reading Mary 💕

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I remember reading this article when I was very depress. I tried to comment but did not find exact words. Today I’m back just to say thank you. I am feeling so much better and can get back at reading and commenting. I feel like a lot of people are not educated enough on depression, especially African, so they do not know what to do then sitting and dying inside of them . Talking to someone was not really possible for me because I couldn’t talk, writing my thought down sounded like a good and fun idea but did not have the motivation to do so . Praying was working but I still needed something, now that winter is finally over, I was able to go for a walk, get some sun shine and I can say I’m feeling super good . It is crazy how just breathing that fresh air can make you fell . Thanks a lot for sharing this. God bless

    Liked by 1 person

    1. About true just going for a walk can be exactly what you need. Seeing life going on around you might motivate you more than anything else.

      Yes seasonal depression is a subject people don’t really talk about but people go through it.

      Thanks for reading Rose❤
      I am glad you’re doing much better


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