How to manifest what you want

It’s possible to do anything you set your mind to. Every idea, every project, every dream you have are possible. Most of the wildest, craziest, most amazing innovations we have in the world were once wildest dream, maybe even too unrealistic by the time the dreamer dreamed about it. Most of the time people get stuck and get buried with their dreams in their head because they were scared to go for it, they didn’t know what to do, they simply ignore that calling. Some others didn’t have the patience to stick to the plan for long enough to see the results.

Before going any further in this post, let me just say: I believe there is a God, God the father, the son and holy spirit watching over the universe and the God of impossible things. There is nothing and I mean nothing by accident in the world. God knows why He places a particular dream, vision into someone head. Rest assure that ideas, visions are freely given to random people who have the potential to turn it into reality.

However, people differ at the manifestation, execution stage. Not everyone who had the same dream will go for it, not everyone will believe they need to manifest that dream. Only the most ambitious, courageous, go getters will give it a try even at that stage some will give up, some will try to take short cut and some will try to come together with people on the same mission as them to make that dream a reality.

How to manifest your vision, how to manifest what you want

From my own personal experience manifesting your wildest dream will take time, it is not impossible you just need to prepare for it every single day. Is what you do today bringing you closer to that dream? Are you putting all the chances on your sides? Are you preparing yourself to be the person who can handle that kind of life? How are you planning to manifest your wildest dream? There is no scientific formula to manifest your dream. However, there are certain things you could look out for in your life and see if you are on the right track to manifest what you want.

How to manifest what you want

Be crystal clear about what you want

You are the one who have those dreams, vision. Whether it’s a new job, a better life, bring change in society. You know it and you must own it. The more clear and concise the better. Set your intentions, understand what you want and your vision yourself first. If writing it down or making a vision board will help, do it.

Ask for it in prayer

As a Christian, prayer works best for me. Ask for it in prayer as now you know exactly what you are asking for and it will become easier to notice opportunities that can help you achieve your goals. Pray about it, pray over it, ask for guidance from God and be confident that He is the one who put that vision in you and he will be with you throughout the entire process and even beyond. See related post God, Prayer and Hard-work

Get rid of things that stand in your way.

Everything that prevent you to reach your dreams get rid of them. More importantly get out of your own way, stop being your own obstacle. The first thing to look at is your negative mindset and wrong beliefs. You need to get yourself in the right mindset first. You need to believe in yourself, in your ability to accomplish more than anyone else. You can’t focus on negativity and expect to attract good things in your life. The other thing to get rid of in your life are toxic people, people who pull you down, envy you those jealous of you. Know who are your people and make sure that no one is holding you back not even yourself. You might want to read How and what to do when YOU are the toxic person

Take action to manifest what you want

Plan in great details on how you plan on reaching your goal. It’s important to remember that along the way, plans might not work, you will need to adapt, change or reconsider how to get where you need to be. Do what works for you, have short and long term goals that are align with each other. Don’t be too hars on yourself it’s a work in process. The one thing that might hold you back at this stage is self doubt. Overcoming it will empower you. Sometimes we doubt ourselves because deep down we think we don’t deserve what we want, we don’t deserve what we prayed for or we are not ready. All those thoughts do us no good. We deserve what we have asked for if we put all our efforts into manifesting them.

Be grateful

Because you have asked it in prayer, because you are working and putting the required efforts, God will show you the way and send help to you in any form. Opportunities might come knocking on your door, people will start investing in you. It can be anything that help you get closer to your ultimate goal. Each day thank God for what He is doing for you.

Which stage do you need to work more on to manifest what you want?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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