The Great Little Book of Prince Albert Microadventures

Most of the time people see adventures like something huge, somewhere far, with no electricity or jump off a plane etc. Yes those are adventures but an adventure is also going to a place in your city you have never been, it’s also trying out new dishes and cuisines, it’s also running a mini marathon or go on a new hiking trail. It’s important not to fit the word adventure in a single box. The more open minded you are to the meaning of the word, the more adventures you will embark on.

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A couple of weeks ago I received a book The Great Little Book of Prince Albert Microadventures as interesting as the title suggests, I enjoy reading this book while planning in my head all the beautiful things I will be doing once I visit the beautiful city of Prince Albert.

The book has a great variety of addresses and phone numbers if you want to eat, amazing adventure routes, stunning spots go discover and many others things to do in Prince Albert. The book is a two in one, you enjoy and are transported in the writings and it’s a handy and complete microadventures guide to Prince Albert. A guide to walks and trails and tours in and around the city of Prince Albert, a small town in Western Cape.

Microadventures are for everyone – young and old, tall or small, fit or funky. Pull up your socks and get out of your comfort zone. Discover gorgeous views and endless vistas; feel the silence, listen to the wind and greet the sun. Meet the tortoise and the kudu. Connect with nature and your inner adventurer; open your eyes & meet the people – have loads of fun!

Prince Albert has a lot to give: Swartberg Mountains, Karoo Space and lots of blue sky; gentle walks and exhilarating descents; dry waterfalls, trails of wonder and a colourful cast of local characters. Heaps of cultural history and a thriving, caring community. By purchasing this book, you are giving R5 each to the Prince Albert Tekkie Fund (PACT) and the Piccolos Project. 

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When are you going on your next microadventures?

Till next time

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