Signs that you are sabotaging yourself

Self sabotage is undermining your own ability to achieve your goals. Self sabotage is also trying your best not to reach your goals. Those behaviors can be conscious or unconscious depending on how aware you are of them. There are endless ways we all fall into self sabotage. Here are some signs that you are sabotaging yourself.

Signs that you are sabotaging yourself

Letting anxious thoughts take over

When you write your anxious thoughts on paper, you can clearly see where your thoughts are illogical. Try observing your thoughts from a outside perspective. Write them down as if you’re writing a story. If you find yourself having the same repetitive story, move, change scenery, move your body, go visit a new place, it will shift your focus.

Signs of self sabotage, how to stop self sabotage

Running away from your responsibilities

Using self care as an excuse to what you have to do. Running away from your responsibilities is self sabotage

Being distracted

Distraction is a huge part of self sabotage. When we don’t wanna think about something we sleep too much or too little, we go out more than we should, we drink more than we should because we feel like it’s an escape from what we are trying to avoid

Focusing on the outside only

Another way of self sabotage we try too hard for our lives to be and look good on the outside and we forget to pay attention on the inside. When there is a mismatch between what we think we want and what we actually want. You keep yourself distracted to avoid digging deep to understand what on earth going on in your life.

Unhealthy comparison habit

Nothing blows you off track like watching somebody else’s work more closely than your own work. Stay in your lane.

Self sabotage behaviors come from your false beliefs

The lies and assumptions you have been feeding yourself for years. When those beliefs are not aligned with what you truly want to do, it like your mind is trying to protect yourself from getting hurt and convince you to not go for it cause it’s against what you believe in. Unlearn what doesn’t help you grow

Self sabotage, being afraid of your own potential

Being afraid of your own success. When things are going really well for you to the point that you are scared of being successful, you rather sabotage yourself to a comfort zone of success you are familiar with. You are afraid of being more successful that you are already. You refuse to aim higher than the siccess you are used to because you believe you can’t handle that level of success. If it’s impossible for you to get rid of fear, just let that fear in, let that fear be on the ride with you but don’t let it get on your way.

Being afraid of your own dreams

Imagining that it’s too good to be true when you see one of your dream come true it’s a normal behavior, it’s okay to be scared but you have to keep going. Often people when they reach this stage, almost making their dreams come true, they take bad decisions out of fear to go back in their comfort zone. We are naturally afraid of what we don’t know even if what we don’t know is what we have been waiting for. Stop self sabotage yourself every time one of your dream is about to come true

Never ending competition with yourself is a sign of self sabotage

It can be paralyzing especially for creatives who always want to put their best work out there. Being in an unhealthy competition with yourself can even block your creative mind as you are scared of not producing a better work, art as last time. When you are doing the final editing of your work and you feel like you are making it worse. That’s the sign that you are done.

How to stop self sabotage, signs of self sabotage

Thinking self promotion is boasting

Self promotion isn’t an ego move. It’s easy to tell ourselves that we are not yet a writer, a filmmaker or an influencer or a web designer because we think we don’t have the exact qualifications to be called like that. However we have wrote many articles and self publish books, we have produced short films that made it on TV or produced short videos for others creators, we have generate sales for a brand just because we posted a story or a post online and people are genuinely interested in our reviews etc, we have designed websites for our friends and other people and got paid for that. Everything shows that we can literally be called or known for specific things even if we are afraid to admit that ourselves.
When you tell people about your work, you will probably get more work done. Don’t be afraid to self promote.

Not moving on from who you once were

Adhering to old labels and slipping back into old habits can sabotage your future progress. Just because you have been know as the joke of the class or the least smart of them all doesn’t mean you have to carry those labels until now. You are allow to reinvent yourself, you are allowed to rewrite your story

Forgive yourself for sabotage yourself. Be serious about wanting to change those self sabotage behaviors. Accept the compliment accept the offer, accept the opportunity without trying to justify why you don’t deserve it or how it could go wrong

Have you been guilty of self sabotage?

Till next Sunday

Be Yourself

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    1. That’s so true people have hard time to identify and accept that sometimes they are sabotaging themselves.
      Thanks for reading Michelle๐Ÿ’•


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