When you say Being Yourself, in what way?

You have probably thought even once that things could be better if certain changes were made in your life or changes on yourself. Being yourself is a personal decision you need to take. If you don't see the need and importance to be yourself nobody can force you as it is a personal journey to [...]

Q&A with Love Your Life Community founder Melissa Fino

Today in the selflovies_society interview series, I have the great pleasure to find out more about the founder of Love Your Life Community, without further due let's dive into it. Q&A with Love Your Life Community founder Melissa Fino 1. Tell us a little more about yourself. Who is Melissa Fino? Hi, I’m Melissa, founder [...]

5 Brutal truths about life you need to understand

There are universal truth about life everyone should know and understand to live a more meaningful life, those truths teach us essential lessons to help us live better. Here are FIVE brutal truth about life you need to understand.5 brutal truth everyone should know and understand1. Your talents mean nothing without consistent effort and practiceAll [...]

7 Tips to be productive and adapt to the new online learning environment

More and more schools, universities and colleges have closed their campuses and are transitioning to online learning. The global pandemic has forced the education system to reinvent itself. Most of the students (me included) have to study and attend online classes from home. Studying from home could mean waking up later than usual, be in [...]

Memo of a recent graduate

For all students, graduation day is a special day everyone is looking forward to, the symbol of all your accomplishments through out the years of studies, a day where family, friends and professors come together to celebrate your big achievement. However, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, a number of institutions and colleges have called [...]

22+ daily affirmations to boost self confidence

Have you ever had an entirely bad day, in a bad mood and completely demotivated simply because you told yourself in the morning: "I woke up from the wrong foot"? This happens a lot to many people everyday. To have a great day, you need to start your day with a positive attitude to be [...]