Awesome blogger award #6

I am grateful to Peter Adewumi to have nominated me for the awesome blogger award. So far it is my sixth award. Thanks again. This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter [...]

Sunshine Blogger award #5

Hello Selflovies, Thank you Annie  for recognizing me. Visit her blog she is doing amazing stuff. She will inspire you to read more and challenge yourself. At such a young age her determination inspires me. Follow her blog. Below are the questions I have been asked by the sweet Annie. How do you decided to [...]

And it has happened again.

It came early in that morning of January 2018. It is all because of Khelzz who thinks that my page need recognition. Thanks again for putting me in your list. I enjoy answering all the questions which have been asked. So let  get started: 1. What inspires you to write a blog? People around me are [...]

My second Liebster Award

My Christmas gift has come earlier this year, for the second time in the year I got nominated again!!!!!  Thank you Elisgraci for the nomination. If you are passionate about food, gardening, photography and poetry follow her blog for great inspiration. Thanks again for being inspired by my blog. I still cannot believe how much people can [...]

So I got nominated!!!!

I really think I was going on a long and expensive trips with all the bling bling and everything the mainstream media have make us believe it is about when we talk about awards. SO I GOT NOMINATED. "The Liebster Award is only about blog promotion and exposure." I feel honored ans speechless about it. [...]