Traveling during a Pandemic: Travel diary

Let's start by agreeing and say traveling locally during this pandemic was hard but traveling outside the country during this pandemic was even harder and stressful. To travel outside the country the most important document to have is a negative Covid19 test and filling at least two other documents for tracking purposes just in case. [...]

Black Business owners to look out for today: part 3

The more I browse the internet the more I find amazing people doing amazing things and it is worth sharing. If you haven't read She Means Business: women’s day crush, Black Business owners to look out for Toda and Black Business owners to look out for today: part 2 I strongly recommend to have a look and find [...]

She Means Business: women’s day crush

Women's day was not going to be women's day for me if I didn't share a post specially dedicated to women. Around this time last year, I went to a women only conference and the hashtag was #SHEMEANSBUSINESS, by that you understand strong unapologetic women who mean business, who fight for what they want, who [...]

Black Business owners to look out for today: part 2

We do not buy black business because we are against other businesses and we also do not want to continue with the stigma that we "only support black owned businesses because we want to do them a favor". We buy from Black Businesses because we enjoy their products and services, the quality, the customer services [...]

Black Business owners to look out for Today

One of the way the black community will gain the respect they are desperately looking for is by being economically free and powerful. By spending your money on a particular brand especially small businesses, you are not doing them a favor, you are getting the products or services you are looking for and at the [...]

Date ideas that won’t blow the bank

Dating when you have been together for long remains an important part to have a healthy relationship. It helps you get way from the routine and everyday life and helps you reconnect like the old days. Date ideas to do in and around Johannesburg. 5 Date ideas that will not blow the bank in Johannesburg [...]