Black Business owners to look out for today: part 2

We do not buy black business because we are against other businesses and we also do not want to continue with the stigma that we "only support black owned businesses because we want to do them a favor". We buy from Black Businesses because we enjoy their products and services, the quality, the customer services [...]

Black Business owners to look out for Today

One of the way the black community will gain the respect they are desperately looking for is by being economically free and powerful. By spending your money on a particular brand especially small businesses, you are not doing them a favor, you are getting the products or services you are looking for and at the [...]

Date ideas that won’t blow the bank

Dating when you have been together for long remains an important part to have a healthy relationship. It helps you get way from the routine and everyday life and helps you reconnect like the old days. Date ideas to do in and around Johannesburg. 5 Date ideas that will not blow the bank in Johannesburg [...]

Timberland women’s collection: trendy and accessible style

Timberland has always been known for their famous yellow boot. Most people have owned them or at least seen touched and known someone who has owned them. Timberland products continue to be stylish and Eco-conscious. A new women's collection is on it way this Autumn and Winter 2020. About the brand Timberland is a global [...]

10 Best posts of the year

2019 is a year to remember, it has taught me a lot about myself. Being Yourself Blog would have not been the same without the unconditional support from each and everyone of you. Her is a compilation of the best posts you read and shared the most. 10 Best posts of the year on Being [...]

10 reasons you should do more road trips

Traveling alone, with your squad, with your family or your partner, road trips are one of the most amazing way to travel and discover the world around you. Everyone should experience at least one road trip in his or her life. Road trip is my favorite way to travel and here are 10 reasons I [...]