Q&A with Ramina Creatives owner: Tess Chauke

Some people believe that you are born entrepreneur, you are one or you are not. However, I believe that like any other thing, being an entrepreneur can be learnt and it gets better with time, experience and constant learning. In today's interview series, Tess Chauke the owner of Ramina Creatives is my guest. Q&A with [...]

Q&A with Love Your Life Community founder Melissa Fino

Today in the selflovies_society interview series, I have the great pleasure to find out more about the founder of Love Your Life Community, without further due let's dive into it. Q&A with Love Your Life Community founder Melissa Fino 1. Tell us a little more about yourself. Who is Melissa Fino? Hi, I’m Melissa, founder [...]

Couple crush: Q&A with Regodise

I have always wanted to interview one of my favorite YouTube couple Regodise. Their love for each other has always inspired me to be a better person and love deeper. I wanted to share their story and inspire people to still believe in pure and unconditional love. I took a leap of faith and reach [...]

The South African inspirational speaker: Maiyo Febi

A couple of months ago, I landed on a LinkedIn profile of an incredible and inspiring woman, Maiyo Febi. I have started reading her work and got inspired by her and her incredible talent. I took a leap of faith, reached out to her and asked her to feature her on my blog. She is [...]

Questions from my selflovies_society to get to know me better

I have asked my society on Instagram to ask me questions to get to know me a little better. Here are the most interesting questions they have asked. 1. Tell us a little bit about you? Divine is my real name, I am a Congolese currently living in South Africa. I am currently completing my [...]

Overcoming darkness times

I have recently went through a very though moment in my life and I could not find any strength to pull myself out of it and heal. I have tried to do researches on step by step on how to heal from darkness and everything was so generic and I could not relate. Until I [...]