Count them one by one

"It is easy to complain about how I am broke, how I haven't completed my degree, how my blog isn't really where I want it to be, how I don't have kids, or a job. I can go on with what I wish was different in my life." Can you relate? But wait. You are [...]


Any meditation tips?

Everyone has a meditation day or hour. It seems so easy when you watch themĀ  do that on their social media platforms. Just sit still in a quiet space and clear out your mind and connect with your soul. The first I tried meditation for real, I couldn't keep up with my thoughts. I sat [...]

What school forgot to teach me

School did not think that it was important to teach me how to be myself. How to embrace my uniqueness. How to stand out from the crowd. How to find my purpose in life. School taught me what was on the program for children of my age, for the degree which was available. School taught [...]

Different world, Same reality

"I am now living in the strongest country in the world, the most amazing country in the world where every single dreams come true. I have everything I need at my door steps when I need it. Everyone is treated equally, we have the same opportunities and chance to succeed. Starting a multi million dollar [...]

What is your biggest achievement so far?

We are half way through the year. What have you achieved so far? Where is your bucket list? My achievements are not necessarily equal to yours. We have different goals, different views of the world and different definition of happiness. Privates victories are more important than public victories. You have to be proud of yourself, [...]