Les femmes Congolaises qui gagnent: Naomi Dangbele

Dans cette nouvelle series "les femmes Congolaises qui gagnent" qui dedie aux femmes de notre beau pays la RDC qui ont décide de suivre leur reves et s'eppanuissent dans ce qu'elles font. Aurjourd'hui, la première d'entre elle est une jeune femme qui ne cesse de m'inspirer, une passionnée de development personnel comme moi et une [...]

9 things the Black community should unlearn: Part 3

Unlearning is harder than learning but don't be discouraged if you fail back with old habits. You need to keep moving forward and try again. Remember that the ability to unlearn and relearn and change yourself is a super power. The last part of the long series on 9 things the Black community should unlearn. [...]

9+ ways to prioritize yourself

Everything today seems designed to give priority to people around us: work, family, volunteer work, general society obligation or self imposed on us. We sometimes even feel guilty for making time for ourselves and we push our needs aside. When we are not at our best, we cannot give the best to others, creating time [...]