Bucket list

To be totally honest, I didn't have any specific goals for my blog this year. I was getting away with " I am going with the flow" whenever I was asked about my goals. Trust me it is not something I recommend you to do. I have missed opportunities just because I didn't know what [...]


Give me a break.

"Give me a break from work, school, all my obligations, everything that I can think of. please give me a break. " A break gives you time to think about your life and reconsider what you are doing. A break help you determine if you are on track or you are wasting your time on [...]

Am I your friend?

In High school I knew all my classmates literally by names and still remember a huge number of them till today.  When I started varsity, I met even more people to add to my friends list. Am I your friend? Can I actually call you my friend? A friend is someone who knows you, who [...]