10 Steps to stimulate your personal growth

Being the best version of yourself isn't something you are just once. As each stage of your life requires a better version of you, being yourself will forever be an ongoing process because you know what, there is always room for improvement. You have amazing hidden talents and abilities that will keep on unveiling themselves [...]

7 lessons I have learnt in varsity

Going to university has always been part of the plan for me. As a recent graduate (see related post: Memo of a recent graduate ), I am now finding myself thinking about the good old days and everything that has happened during my under grade studies . Here are 7 lessons I have learnt in Varsity. [...]

She Means Business: women’s day crush

Women's day was not going to be women's day for me if I didn't share a post specially dedicated to women. Around this time last year, I went to a women only conference and the hashtag was #SHEMEANSBUSINESS, by that you understand strong unapologetic women who mean business, who fight for what they want, who [...]

5 Brutal truths about life you need to understand

There are universal truth about life everyone should know and understand to live a more meaningful life, those truths teach us essential lessons to help us live better. Here are FIVE brutal truth about life you need to understand.5 brutal truth everyone should know and understand1. Your talents mean nothing without consistent effort and practiceAll [...]

How to build and maintain self discipline

Building and maintaining self discipline like any other skill you want to master require daily practice and constant repetition. Building and maintaining self discipline require a lot of work. Self discipline is the one quality that sustain long term success in all aspects of your life. Whether it is in terms of your diet, work [...]

15+ habits to pick up in your personal growth journey

" It is the things that you do on a daily basis that guarantee you to be a better version of yourself." Becoming a new person requires work and complete dedication after all it is your life you want to change. Start by finding out what are the things that prevent you from becoming the [...]