21 qualities you must develop

I have recently read a book by John C. Maxwell: The 21 indispensable qualities of a leader. Although it is an old book, the principles in it still apply to the current situation and I believe it will still be relevant for the next 50 years. Those 21 qualities listed in the book are equally [...]

The best day to start over

On Mondays : it is the beginning of new weeks. On your birthday: another year older will change your priorities. The first day of school after holidays: plan better than last semester and set new achievable goals. On your wedding anniversary: remember that day, the beginning of a new adventure. Revive that fire, that passion. [...]

Am I your friend?

In High school I knew all my classmates literally by names and still remember a huge number of them till today.  When I started varsity, I met even more people to add to my friends list. Am I your friend? Can I actually call you my friend? A friend is someone who knows you, who [...]