9 things the Black community should unlearn: Part 2

By now you have probably read 9 things the Black community should unlearn: Part 1 if you haven't, I suggest you click on the title above and then come back to this one as it is the continuation of the previous post. Now that you have caught up with the first tree things the Black [...]

What is inner peace to you?

Peace. That word everyone use, sometimes for no reason to express their feelings. What is peace? Not having problems with people around you? Being able to do things without regret? Being happy? Well, deep inside you are the only one who truly know what is peace to you. Try to go deeper and look for [...]

How to begin your Self-discovery journey

Self-discovery is fundamental to personal development. To become the best version of yourself, you first need to know who you are, and be aware of your true potential, needs, values, character, and motives. Self-discovery leads to self-knowledge and requires ongoing self-reflection and self-awareness. Self- reflection Self-reflection is the key to personal development. Self-reflection is like [...]