Upgrade your circle of friends

Networking is not going anywhere, right now it is even more important than before. Connecting with more people and having a quality circle of friends will always help you when you need it the most. I have attended a number of networking events throughout 2019 and at the beginning, I used to just sit, listen [...]

9+ ways to prioritize yourself

Everything today seems designed to give priority to people around us: work, family, volunteer work, general society obligation or self imposed on us. We sometimes even feel guilty for making time for ourselves and we push our needs aside. When we are not at our best, we cannot give the best to others, creating time [...]

13 amazing virtues by Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, he was an inventor, politician, scientist, writer and had many other qualifications. Today's article is not about his life but our attention is more on the 13 virtues he listed back in 1700s which are still tremendously relevant in the 21st [...]

7 Tips to be productive and adapt to the new online learning environment

More and more schools, universities and colleges have closed their campuses and are transitioning to online learning. The global pandemic has forced the education system to reinvent itself. Most of the students (me included) have to study and attend online classes from home. Studying from home could mean waking up later than usual, be in [...]