7 lessons I have learnt in varsity

Going to university has always been part of the plan for me. As a recent graduate (see related post: Memo of a recent graduate ), I am now finding myself thinking about the good old days and everything that has happened during my under grade studies . Here are 7 lessons I have learnt in Varsity. [...]

Things I have learnt during lockdown

The Ongoing pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, from adapting to online learning to working from home, from online date night to virtual weddings and parties. We have survived more than 100 days not visiting and physically hold our family and friends. The positive side of this lockdown is all the amazing [...]

How to reinvent yourself?

One of the thing one could do is to reinvent yourself as much as you need to in order to have a version of yourself you are happy and at peace with. Most of the time, people want to reinvent themselves or take a new direction in life but have no idea where to start [...]

Q&A with DIY Yolande: “Power Tools have No Gender”

I use Instagram mostly to get inspired and be a source of inspiration myself. I have recently been following an amazing woman on the platform. At first it was because she was doing DIY and I love DIY but slowly I realized that she was doing more than just DIY videos. She inspires her followers, [...]

9 things the Black community should unlearn: Part 3

Unlearning is harder than learning but don't be discouraged if you fail back with old habits. You need to keep moving forward and try again. Remember that the ability to unlearn and relearn and change yourself is a super power. The last part of the long series on 9 things the Black community should unlearn. [...]

When you say Being Yourself, in what way?

You have probably thought even once that things could be better if certain changes were made in your life or changes on yourself. Being yourself is a personal decision you need to take. If you don't see the need and importance to be yourself nobody can force you as it is a personal journey to [...]